Xico Santos, husband of Raquel Pacheco, shows the twins’ first photo

Xico Santos, husband of Raquel Pacheco, Bruna Surfistinha, released today the first photo of the twins Maria and Elis. In the image, he appears beside his wife and daughters who were born last Friday (3).

In an Instagram post, the actor celebrated the twins’ arrival. “Our family was born!! On September 3rd, 2021 at 16:45. First our Maria, 44cm and 2,100kg. Two minutes later our Elis came with 44cm and 1,835kg,” he said.

The actor said that, since birth, Maria has stayed with the couple directly in the bedroom, which rocked the sleepless nights. However, Elis had to go to the ICU. “Elis, already showing that his strength goes beyond his name, had to stay in the ICU to gain weight (according to the doctors, it is normal to be born with little weight in a twin pregnancy),” said Xico.

He said the couple were distressed and worried about their daughter away from them soon after the birth. “We’ve already started with a little bit of us a bit far away, separated by a short corridor, but whenever I walk down to join her, it becomes an endless corridor, seconds that turn into hours, afflictions, fears and insecurities, and it’s not for less, having a daughter in the ICU, even without risk, shakes you, corrodes you and makes you a boy again!”, he said.

Even with his daughter in the ICU, he said he has remained strong to withstand this period in the hospital. In addition, the actor made a point of praising the new mother in the area, who, according to him, is protective and is satisfied with the new phase of the couple’s life.

But whenever I get to meet our Elis, there she is firm and reacting to the caresses and declarations of love and she gives me strength, a calm that restarts me! Now let’s talk a little bit about our mom’s strength? You already know a lot of the strength of this woman, right? But when a mother is born (our mother of twins) I already see the mother lion, protective and fulfilled! It didn’t even seem like she needed to recover from the surgery, nor did it seem that the first attempts to breastfeed were being painful because the way she looks, the way she holds our girls becomes the most beautiful poetry!

Although the actor has stated that there is still no forecast for the twins and his wife to be discharged, he can’t wait to take the trio home and, thus, start this new trajectory for the family.

“Here we are, about to complete a week in the hospital, still with no expected discharge, already with dark circles, few hours of sleep but the girls are eating at full speed because they are dying to go to our house so we can start our new one life overflowing with a lot of love, unity and gratitude,” stated Xico.