Zuckerberg wants to retire cell phone with glasses that record Stories | wearables

Currently, everyone depends on their cell phone in their daily lives, but that must change, if that depends on Mark Zuckerberg, from Facebook. he announced today smart glasses capable of recording Stories and posting them on social media. According to Zuckerberg, the product is part of a “future where smartphones aren’t the mainstay of our lives.”

In a video posted on his profile, Zuckerberg detailed how the product works. Capturing photos and videos depends on two 5 megapixel cameras positioned on the front of the glasses, next to each lens. The user can activate them through a button on the side or by voice command, calling the Facebook virtual assistant.

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Ray-Ban Stories has two 5 megapixel cameras — Photo: Playback/Facebook

Digital resources are also present thanks to an on/off button, a LED that alerts you whenever the consumer is recording that moment, and the speakers positioned on the gadget’s poles.

The executive says that it will be possible to answer phone calls directly from the glasses. The idea of ​​the social networking empire is to free its billions of users from constant smartphone use, so that focus on what is happening at that moment.

Ray-Ban Stories poles have speakers for listening to calls — Photo: Playback/Facebook

A common target of criticism about breaches of privacy, Zuckerberg was quick to say that the media is saved in glasses using encryption, the mechanism that prevents others from being able to view the material. Storage allows for approximately 30 videos of up to 30 seconds or 500 photos.

Despite the smart features, the device doesn’t even come close to Google Glass, which proposed to include a screen with important information for the user. To download the images you need a helper application running on your phone. Sharing can be done with Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. There will be support for Twitter, Snapchat and other platforms.

The partnership with Ray-Ban reflects the bet on an iconic luxury piece, which was redesigned to accommodate electronic items. Still, the difference is only 5 grams, according to the companies. There will be over 20 variations, four colors and six possible lenses – with dozens of combinations.

Ray-Ban Stories costs $299 — Photo: Reproduction/Facebook

The product was officially named Ray-Ban Stories. It will sell for the suggested retail price of $299 in the United States, about BRL 1,580 in direct conversion. The novelty also reaches Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy and Australia.

O TechAll found that there is no forecast for release in Brazil.