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Little by little, the tendency is for children to be able to return to the routine they had before the pandemic – which will, of course, depend on the epidemiological situation at the time and respecting security measures.

Recently, the American Academy of Pediatrics (USA) even recommended that the little ones gradually return to playing sports, as long as the activities are done outdoors, with everyone wearing masks and keeping their distance.

“We also have to think about the issue of mental health and the importance of playing for children. Taking all these precautions, the risk of virus transmission is very small”, explains pediatrician and infectious disease specialist Renato Kfouri (SP).


Check out options for outdoor sports activities that allow you to keep your distance

It is an exercise that helps with endurance, motor skills and leg strength. Despite being individual, it is necessary to wear a mask (and safety equipment).

court tennis
A good option to develop agility and motor skills. And best of all: the teacher or the opponent is far away.

Table tennis
It can be practiced at home or in shared places. If the table is installed in gardens and balconies (with safety nets, of course!), even better.

Always prefer to take the children to walk in outdoor spaces, such as parks, empty beaches and tree-lined streets – always with a mask.

Source: Páblius Staduto Braga, specialist in Sports Medicine and director of the ergospirometry and indirect calorimetry laboratory at Hospital Nove de Julho (SP)