A 4-year-old girl dies with covid-19 after an unvaccinated mother tested positive for the virus – Revista Crescer

At only 4 years old, little Kali Cook was another child who died with the Covid-19. She, who lived in Bacliff, Texas, (USA), died last Tuesday (7/9), with the disease, according to information from the health district of Galveston County.

According to the local newspaper, The Daily Galveston County, Kali’s clinical condition deteriorated rapidly. She is the youngest county resident to die of the virus, which has claimed 465 other lives of townspeople since it spread in March 2020. “She was so funny and cheeky,” said Karra Harwood, the girl’s mother. . “She was not a normal little girl. She preferred playing with worms and frogs than using bows. She was so beautiful and full of life.”

“I ended up getting the covid and was diagnosed on Monday (6/9),” Karra said. “I came home and was isolated. I tried to stay away from her and I didn’t want her and my other children to catch it.” The mother also points out that her daughter was not diagnosed with immunological disorders or other comorbidities, however, she tended to get sicker than her siblings. began to get worse at dawn on Tuesday (7/9) Her mother realized that she had fever so she was medicated. However, early in the morning, Kali ended up passing away. “He died in his sleep,” said the mother. Karra had not been vaccinated and now regrets her attitude. “I was one of the people who were against it, I was against it,” she said. “Now, I wish I never had been.”

Karra and the rest of her family were quarantined. The mother also added that the family was going through a difficult time, as she and her fiance are unemployed due to the pandemic.

Kali Cook (Photo: Reproduction Galventon Counton/Karra Harwood)

Kali Cook (Photo: Reproduction Galventon Counton/Karra Harwood)

It is not yet known where the girl would have been infected. Even though her mother was diagnosed with the disease, it is not possible to say with certainty that she has infected her daughter. However, health officials said they did not believe the girl was infected at her school. Contact tracking conducted by the health district showed that no students or adults who had been in close contact with her had tested positive for the virus, said Philip Keiser, a local health authority for Galveston County.

The cause of the girl’s death has not yet been declared. However, the coroner’s office determined that Kali was infected with the covid by performing a test after her death on Tuesday (7/9). “An autopsy was performed today [sexta-feira], by the Galveston County Medical Examiner’s Office, on the child who died this week and tested positive for covid-19,” the health authorities’ statement said. “We won’t have the final cause of death until all the autopsy results come back. We will update the audience with more information as it becomes available.”

Like all children under the age of 12, Kali was not yet eligible to be vaccinated. However, amid rising coronavirus cases in Galveston County and across the United States, health officials have urged people to be vaccinated to help protect others against the spread of the virus. About 60% of eligible Galveston County residents, and about half of the total county population, are fully vaccinated.

Because of the variant delta, the number of children confirmed with the virus reached a record number in Galveston County. Nearly 30% of all cases in children under 12 occurred in August, according to the health district. Although this is not a frequent situation, children can also progress to a serious condition of the disease and should receive care as soon as possible when they present symptoms. “It’s very important, if your kids are sick, not to say, ‘Oh, they’ll be fine,”’ Keizer said. “If your children are sick, get medical attention.”