Adele is sued by composer of Martinho da Vila? understand the case

Toninho Geares accuses singer of alleged plagiarism of “Women”, a track popularized by the samba musician

the british singer Adele is being accused of plagiarism by the composer Toninho Generations and the reason is the music “Women”, played by the samba musician Martinho da Vila. According to Toninho, Adele used melody and harmony in the track “Million Years Ago”, from his latest studio album, “25”, released in 2015.

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Compare the songs of Adele and Martinho da Vila

In a report for Veja magazine, Toninho stated that two extrajudicial notifications were sent in May to Adele, to the record company XL Recordings, to the Sony Music and for the producer Greg Kurstin.

“I was appalled when I realized. Melody and harmony are the same. It’s a wide-open copy”, the composer said to the vehicle.

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“Our intention was to try to reach an agreement, but, given the silence, we will go to court”, explained the lawyer in the case, Fredímio Biasotto Trotta. According to the documents, 88 measures are counted with evidence of copy, adding up to three minutes and two seconds, or 87% of the song.

Currently, Adele is one of the greatest artists in the world, with a career that has already accumulated 15 Grammys, a globe of Gold it is a oscar.

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