Adele is sued for plagiarism of ‘Women’, success in the voice of Martinho da Vila | Fun

Adele and Martinho da VilaReproduction / Editing

Published 10/09/2021 5:59 PM

Rio – Pop diva Adele is in the sights of the Brazilian Justice. The singer is accused of plagiarism by the Minas Gerais composer Toninho Geraes. He composed the song ‘Mulheres’, sung by Martinho da Vila. According to the artist, Adele plagiarized the track on ‘Million Years Ago’, part of the ’25’ album.

Since the release, the tracks went viral due to the similarity. The composer gathered evidence and is suing the singer for plagiarism. “I was appalled when I realized it. The melody and harmony are the same. It’s a wide-open copy”, commented the composer in an interview with Veja.

Two out-of-court notices were sent to Adele and Greg Kurstin, another songwriter for the track. Recordings/Beggars Group and Sony Music Group are aware of the lawsuit. The charge is that they “appropriated the first intro, chorus and end notes.”

88 bars with copy were counted, which adds up to 3 minutes and 3 seconds of the track, equivalent to 87% of the song. The matter is in the hands of Adele’s record company. “Our intention was to try to reach an agreement, but, given the silence, we will go to court”, says lawyer Fredímio Biasotto Trotta. Compare songs: