Adele’s friendship with a Brazilian will be used in the defense of Martinho da Vila’s composer in a plagiarism process

Composer of “Mulheres”, a great hit in the voice of Martilho da Vila, Toninho Geraes is filing a lawsuit for plagiarism against the singer Adele. The Brazilian accuses Brittany of making a “open copy” of the song “Million Years Ago”, released in 2015. In the legal dispute, in addition to proving the similarity, it is necessary to show that the alleged infringer had contact with the work. One of the defense’s resources, as they told the magazine Veja, will be to show the singer’s friendship with the personal trainer from São Paulo Camila Goodis.

Camila’s name became associated with Adele’s in early 2020, when the singer appeared in a photo weighing 45 kg less. The Brazilian was invited by the press to comment on the British diet, as she was the artist’s personal trainer and pilates instructor in 2012.

“Adele changed her lifestyle and I believe 90% of that was nutrition: a balanced diet, eating fewer calories a day and expending more energy. I don’t think it was exercise because she doesn’t like to exercise,” Camila told ” Daily Mail” in January 2020.

On “E+”, Camila Goodis said that she met Adele through Ayda Williams, wife of singer Robbie Williams, and when she taught Pilates, she didn’t recognize the owner of the hit “Hello” at first.

“She was makeup-free, casual, sensitive because she had just had a baby, and she said she had just started doing pilates,” recalled the personal trainer, who said she was out of the world of celebrities: “Treat them like ‘people normals’ is super important”.