After being exchanged, ex-fiancé lists damages he had with the “divorce”

Rio de Janeiro – Under the impact of the news that he was changed for another one on the eve of the wedding, Dyl Reis, 23, says he is still counting the losses he had with the end of the romance. The young man claims that Eder Meneghine, 60, with whom he would go up to the altar on September 7, also took back gifts given while the love lasted.

In an interview with metropolises, Dyl reports that the memories of their life together, as well as the records of the wedding party’s production, were on the phone Eder took back. “The cell phone was in his name, but he gave it to me as a reward for my work, for my dedication to his side. Just like Scooter. I ended the relationship, and he took it”, laments the young man.

The damage, however, does not end there. Also according to Dyl, part of the marriage that took place with another groom was paid for by him. “We started making payments, and at the time I had more money than he did in the account. I gave R$ 16 thousand to pay for the R$ 20 thousand party. I gave almost all the money I had in my account, which I collected as a result of my work with him.”


Also according to the young man, the two worked and profited together. “He didn’t just need a partner beside him, but someone to add to. We always worked together, I wore his company shirt, I was a waiter, that was all he needed, I loved working with him”, he says.


Their love story developed quickly. After two weeks of dating, they moved in together. “Like every person in love, I went, leaving a structured life with work, a house set up. As simple as it was, I loved the life I had,” says Dyl.

Problems also followed at the same speed. “We couldn’t understand each other, it was a day of peace, another of success and two more days of war”, he reveals.

According to Dyl, shortly before the date set for the celebration, the final straw came with a heated discussion, in the presence of his family. “It was because of this and others that I saw that I was not the right person for me to marry. I told my family that I wasn’t getting married again. We took our things and left the house.”

To metropolises Eder disputes Dyl’s version. He claims that the former partner did not have a fixed salary because the two were partners. “He had a card that he could use with whatever he wanted”, he points out. The architect also says that the ex-fiancé wants to take advantage of the situation to show up. “He wants to go to A Fazenda, to Big Brother”, he fires.

The divorce

The matrimonial bullshit involving the architect and Dyl came to light after Eder announced, positioned on the altar set up in Solar das Palmeiras, on Ilha da Gigóia, Barra da Tijuca, west of Rio, that she was getting married but had changed her fiance the day before .

In a video recording the moment, Eder, moved, shoots: “I changed boyfriend”. “I messed up 20 years in my life. And I messed up 20 years on something that could have really worked. I had to change the documents and I’ll let you know the following: I changed my fiance from yesterday to today”, said the architect.

Dyl, who was supposedly changed, claims, however, that, contrary to what was publicized, it was his decision to break off the relationship with the architect. “I managed to open my eyes before the ‘yes’. I’m done”, he said, in an exclusive interview with metropolises.