After Bolsonaro’s letter, Mourão sees the way open to resume ‘respectful dialogue between the two powers’ | For

The vice president of the republic, General Hamilton Mourão, spoke on this Friday (10) in a conciliatory tone, after days of political tension in Brazil over the acts carried out on the September 7th holiday. There is “open way for the respectful dialogue between the powers to be resumed“, said Mourão, during a press conference that marked the end of the vice president’s diplomatic mission to the Eastern Amazon, in Pará.

He (Bolsonaro) used strong words in the heat of the dispute, let’s say so, and made his mea-culpa. I understand that he had a preliminary conversation with Minister Alexandre Moraes, consequently I I see an open path for a respectful dialogue between the two powers to be resumed, each acting in its own sphere and, consequently, reducing the tension in the country and making people return to their normal day-to-day lives.“, declared Mourão.

The conciliatory tone of the speech came after a letter from Bolsonaro, released this Thursday (9), with a text entitled “Declaration to the Nation”, in which he states that he had “no intention of attacking any of the powers”.

The divergences between the president and minister Alexandre de Moraes were established after Bolsonaro was included in the investigations of the Fake News inquiry, which investigates the sharing of false content on the internet by pocketnaristas.

In the letter released by the president to work around the situation, he says that most of the differences “result from conflicts of understanding about the decisions adopted by Minister Alexandre de Moraes within the scope of the fake news inquiry. But in public life, the people who exercise power , they do not have the right to “stretch the rope”, to the point of harming the lives of Brazilians and their economy,” softens the president.

In previous statements, Bolsonaro had stated that he would not comply with any further decision by Minister Alexandre de Moraes, of the Federal Supreme Court. “Any decision by Mr. Alexandre de Moraes, this president will no longer comply. Our people’s patience has already run out, they still have time to ask for their cap and go about their own business. He, for us, no longer exists,” Bolsonaro declared to government supporters during events on 7 September.

The president also made threatening statements to the president of the Federal Supreme Court, Minister Luiz Fux. “Or the head of this power frames your [Alexandre de Moraes] or that power can suffer what we don’t want.”

Diplomatic Mission in the Amazon

The Diplomatic Mission in the Eastern Amazon was attended by Vice President Hamilton Mourão and heads of diplomatic missions from other countries that visited the cities of Parauapebas, Altamira, Medicilândia and Belém.

Mourão arrived in Pará last Wednesday (8) and ended the mission this Friday (10). According to the Vice-Presidency of the Republic, the objective was to present the activities of some ministries that make up the National Council for the Legal Amazon, so that ambassadors could learn about the Amazon reality and the main actions of the Federal Government aimed at the region.

When flying over the Amazon rainforest in Pará territory, the vice president stated that “in this entire route, at no time did we find an area of ​​fire. So, it is to be clear that there is fire in the Amazon, but it is not in the entire Amazon region. We fly a wide area here from Pará and we don’t see any of these activities.”

Mourão highlighted in the visit the intention of the federal government to promote sustainable development in the region. On the occasion, Governor Helder Barbalho and the vice president launched a line of financing to support rural producers.