After exchanging barbs, Whindersson Nunes invites Felipe Neto, and influencer responds; check out

Yesterday (9), the atmosphere heated up between Whindersson Nunes and Felipe Neto on social networks… The two, who had already fallen out with each other in the past, this time exchanged barbs on account of a provocation involving financial investments in football teams. However, this Friday (10), the youtuber from Rio de Janeiro decided to end the disagreement, and in addition to speaking out, he wished that Nunes would “find peace”.

In his Instagram stories, Felipe Neto complained about the way gossip profiles resonate with things about him. Although he didn’t directly mention Whindersson’s name, the youtuber hinted that he wanted to end the controversial story.

“From the bottom of my heart, both for the other person involved in this crap and for all these gossip profiles, I only wish one thing: success, lots of success and happiness. When a person is happy and successful, he won’t piss off others or bother. So, real, from the bottom of my heart, because I didn’t start any of this, I didn’t go to needling anyone. I wish, from the bottom of my heart, happiness and success for everyone so that they will stop bugging me”, shot.

On Twitter, the initiative was more direct… Whindersson Nunes had collected prints of tweets that criticized him and would have been liked by Felipe Neto. “I’m here in Rio [de Janeiro], @felipeneto. Do you want to open the doors of your house for me? Can we discuss how to help the country or do you want to fart in like all the other times I tried to talk to you? Real life, my security is the same as yours, okay, how about that?”, shared.

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The carioca answered the post: “Brother, find peace… From the bottom of your heart, find peace in your heart. I really want you to get over it all and one day we can talk properly, without you being like this. Until then, I wish you well”. In his feed, Felipe Neto added another tweet, encouraging everyone to put an end to the case. “My fight is with this misrule. Everything else is irrelevant and I just want peace, harmony and, above all, therapy.” finished.

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It all started with a tweet sent by an internet user to Whindersson, suggesting that he should use part of his money to invest in the signings of the Vasco team, as Felipe Neto and actor Marcelo Adnet did, but in Botafogo. Nunes, in turn, cited projects of great social impact that he invests his money in, and argued that this was his priority. “I won’t spend anything on the team, I’ll just cheer”, he stated.

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The publication was seen by many netizens as “prickly” against Neto, who later made a publication that seemed to make a direct reference to the story, even without mentioning the name of Whindersson. “I donate to all kinds of institutes, NGOs and movements. I invested almost 1 million reais in the creation of the VERO Institute for digital education. I created the ‘Cala Boca Já Died’ movement to support people who are persecuted for their opinion. And I’ll spend it on a team, yes”, he said.

The story, however, continued, involved more people and even generated threats of lawsuits. Understand all the repercussions, clicking here.