After fighting with the director live, Datena receives advice from Faustão

While presenting “Brasil Urgente” last August 31, Datena didn’t like what he heard from his director through the electronic point, he was irritated and ended up having a live discussion. After the episode gained great repercussion, Faustão decided to call his network colleague to give him some advice.

According to Datena, Fausto Silva advised him to abandon the electronic point. With this, the presenter would not listen to anyone else and, consequently, would not get angry, as happened recently. The tip of the band’s new hire was revealed during the newscast and Datena insisted on explain how it all happened.

Datena started talking about the phone call you got from your friend. He revealed that Fausto Silva went straight to the point and advised him to get rid of the device that bothers him so much: “Faustão, the other day, called me and said: ‘Once in a while you have to stop using the electronic point’ because I get angry because of the device“.

He continued revealing the conversation he had with the former presenter of “Domingão do Faustão”: “People speak at the most inappropriate moment and, sometimes, to give information that you just gave. He said ‘because you don’t stop using the electronic point and no one will complain about you arguing with others anymore’”.

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Datena spoke that the electronic point hinders the progress of your work. According to him, the information that arrives through the device, instead of helping, ends up getting in the way: “If you give wrong information, repeat something you said, you lose your mind… Because when you’re listening to someone, no one can talk to you, unless a meteor falls on the earth“.

The presenter of “Brasil Urgente” revealed who gets furious when they talk to him through the dot while he’s reporting something that couldn’t be stopped in any way: “You can’t talk when you’re interviewing someone. From time to time I get mad here. Interruptions are important, but there is time for everything”.

On the day of the discussion with the director, Datena spoke out against the director of the live newscast. The presenter said: “Debora, when I say something, we better do it because I have a little more experience”. And it didn’t stop there, moments later, Datena again criticized the director during the news: “I didn’t hear right because I’m talking to people here who insist on making a program different from the one I want”.

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