Alphabets owner threatens customers: “They don’t know who they’re messing with”

“You have no idea who you’re messing with,” said the creator of Alphabets, Rogério Cruz, in a video. The deal, which is a scheme based on sports betting, promised up to 300% on top of financial contributions. Recently, the company stopped withdrawals and defaulted on several investors.

He recorded a video with threats to investors who likely asked for their money back. In the publication, Cruz says he has an arsenal of lawyers and police officers. The video was shared on Instagram on Thursday (09) on the RLagosNotícias account.

“You don’t know what my legal body is. You don’t know the police friends I have, the influence we have within the government,” said Cruz.

Cruz’s speech implied that the video was intended for people who had been speaking ill of their family and friends. He also stated that whoever was going to threaten him should do it “fake”, because if it is a real profile “certainly you will suffer the consequences”. “And I’m not threatening, I’m saying I’m going to do it,” he said.

Alphabets promised 300% profit

Through Alphabets, whose business name is ‘Save Investe Investimentos Eireli’, Cruz would offer “license plans” for supposed software capable of paying profits of 1.2% to 3.2% per day, or 300% in up to 11 months.

The packages cost between R$500 and R$100 thousand. In addition, the business also offered a bonus for those who indicated other people to participate.

The business has two offices: one in Natal (RN) and another in Cabo Frio, which were found empty in recent days after the suspension of withdrawals and customer revolt.

Before founding Alphabets, according to the project’s promotional material, Cruz would have been a realtor, restaurant manager and even a football player. In addition, he is also a defendant in a lawsuit for international drug production and trafficking.