Amazon Prime Video Releases This Week (09/09/2021)

Unlike previous weeks, the last seven days had few releases on Amazon Prime Video. Even on weaker days, you can check it here at Canaltech, every Thursday, which titles arrived on the streaming platform, including movies, series, children’s animations, reality shows and documentaries.

Despite being a weak week in quantity, the debut of a highlight promises to make up for the absence of new titles: Cinderella. The new version of one of the greatest classics of fairy tales, being an original Amazon production, stars singer Camila Cabello, who uses all the power of her voice to star in this musical alongside Idina Menzel, Billy Porter and Nicholas Galitzine .

Continuing with the movie premieres, the Italian novel has just arrived on the platform From Rome with Love, which shows the relationship between Maya (Lola Ponce), an Argentine who leaves Buenos Aires to become a singer in Rome. There, she ends up meeting Leonardo (Roberto Farnesti), the great love of her life. The exciting film also came to streaming journey of life, starring Omar Sy, who shows the simple life of a 13-year-old boy who lives in Senegal and the realization of his dream.

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For documentary fans, the Amazon Prime Video catalog received the documentary Super Size Me 2: Our Everyday Chicken, which brings back filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, who opened his own fast food restaurant to show how the billion-dollar fried chicken industry works. And for comedy fans, Emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling star in the film Talk-Show – Reinventing Comedy, which tells the story of a comedian and the hiring of the first female screenwriter on her team.

Among this week’s series releases is the new episode of the series Nine Unknowns, plot adapted from a book of the same name by the author of Big Little Lies. The sixth season of Fear the Walking Dead, a series derived from The Walking Dead which shows the zombie apocalypse from the perspective of a dysfunctional Los Angeles family. The week also features the debut of medical horror Mumbai Diaries, an original series from India that explores the routine of doctors at a hospital in the midst of a city disaster, in a battle to save lives.

The list of the week is closed with the dramatic comedy Black Cop, who uses the stereotypes suffered by a police officer to talk about privilege and racism; and the movie The secret, which shows how three brothers who lost their mother begin to discover who she really was. For children, the week brought volume 2 of the animation Giramille, which takes place within the magical universe of a giraffe.

Get your couch and popcorn ready and check out the full list of Amazon Prime Video releases that are now available for you to marathon!

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