Anderson Silva and Belfort show great form and confirm superfights in boxing; Ortiz ‘overflow’ combined limit

A. Silva and V. Belfort are two of the stars of the 9/11 boxing super challenge. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

All right for the Brazilians in the super boxing challenge this Saturday (11). On the afternoon of this Friday (10), in Florida (USA), the tupiniquins passed through the scales and confirmed their presence in the clashes. With Anderson Silva, Victor Belfort and Evander Holyfield at weight, the failure was due to Tito Ortiz, who did not comply with the agreement and was about 2kg. above 88.4kg. provided.

Responsible for spearheading the show, Belfort first stepped on the scale and exhibited great physical shape. At 93.5kg., the Brazilian MMA legend will be in the main event.

Considered one of the greatest boxers of all time, Holyfield confirmed his return to the ring. Acting at heavyweight, the veteran nailed 102.2kg., almost 9kg. above the Tupiniquim rival.

World idol in mixed martial arts, Anderson Silva is ready for his second boxing challenge of the 2021 season. Showing calm, ‘Spider’ weighed 87.3kg. for the dispute in married weight.

Former UFC champion, Tito Ortiz complained in advance about the agreed weight for the confrontation and, in the final moment, ended up failing in the process. Far from 88.4kg. hit, the American was left with 90.7kg., but the duel is still standing, according to the ‘MMA Fighting‘.

Check out the athletes’ weights for the Super Boxing Challenge


Heavyweight: Evander Holyfield (102.2kg.) x Victor Belfort (93.5kg.)

Married weight: Anderson Silva (87.3kg.) x Tito Ortiz (90.7kg.)*

Married weight: David Haye (95.9kg.) x Joe Fournier (88.6kg.)

Super featherweight: Andy Vences (58.6kg.) x Jono Carroll (58.9kg.)

Super featherweight: Anthony Chavez (58.6kg) x Diuhl Olguin (58kg)

*Tito exceeded the 88.4kg limit. agreed in the contract.