Arcrebiano Araújo mocks criticism for casting in ‘A Fazenda’

Arcrebiano Araújo, 29, is not giving the haters a break. After being announced as a participation in the 13th edition of “A Fazenda”, the boy, who was already part of the cast of “BBB” and “No Limite”, was the target of criticism.

In response to this negative wave, the boy shared a video on his Instagram profile. “Why participate in a new reality show? I won’t pay rent, I’ll eat and drink for free… electricity and electricity bills I’ve never even seen, [além disso] I don’t see the bad news from Brazil,” he listed, adding. “And if I complain, go for more [reality], Yes”.

Like Tati Quebra Barraco, Nego do Borel and Mileide Mihaile, Arcrebiano was among the lists of candidates to participate in “A Fazenda”. His lineup was confirmed the day before yesterday, during a press conference held and aired by Record TV.

To the situation, Arcrebiano Araújo spoke about his history on television. “The first reality show I came out for the public, the second wasn’t giving up, but for contractual reasons, I can’t even speak. But I had physical health problems. [Mas posso garantir que] there won’t be a couple in the ‘Farm’, I hope so. I want R$1.5 million. Guys will meet me and will like me, I have a huge audience that follows me on the networks. It will be playful Bill, who likes to party and talk,” he said.