Arnaldo: The main character in Brazil on the FIFA date was Everton Ribeiro – 10/09/2021

The Brazilian team won yesterday (9) Peru 2-0, at Arena Pernambuco, maintaining its campaign without losing points in the South American Qualifiers, even with the need for tests by coach Tite, as he cannot count on players who play in England. One of the alternatives found was the use of a base with players who have played or have played in recent years for Flamengo, with Lucas Paquetá, Gerson, Everton Ribeiro and Gabigol.

In the Posse de Bola #159 podcast, Arnaldo Ribeiro states that the player who wins this period of FIFA Data games, with the victories over Chile and Peru, in addition to the game that was interrupted against Argentina, is the midfielder Everton Ribeiro , who in his view should win a spot as a starter in the next games.

“Against Chile the first half was a disaster and then in the second half this kind of Flamengo base came in and I think after the game against Peru, which doesn’t measure real difficulty, but Tite doesn’t care about that. For him , the team was more creative with this half Flamengo base. Half Flamengo because it’s Casemiro and Neymar and the rest, which today is a Flamengo base rest, was a Flamengo base rest. Paquetá, Gerson, Everton Ribeiro and Gabigol”, says Arnaldo .

“We are talking a lot about Neymar, and the main character of the FIFA date in Brazil was Everton Ribeiro. Neymar, with the statements, with his temper and with the yellow card, he stole the scene from Everton Ribeiro, and so on No other player in the Brazilian team can stand out. Everton Ribeiro was the big winner of this date Fifa, Everton Ribeiro is virtual new holder of the Brazilian team”, he completes.

The journalist considers that even without scoring, Gabigol also added positive points in his performances as a starter and believes that Everton Ribeiro will probably stay when Tite can count on all the players he usually calls up and who were not present in the last games.

“The presence of Everton Ribeiro on the field distributes the responsibility of setting up the Brazilian team, first thing, it doesn’t reduce the offensive momentum, Everton Ribeiro is even more effective in defining plays than another forward open from the side, scoring at the side, so there are some signs there that are even beneficial to Neymar, to Neymar’s game, to the team’s game with the presence of Everton Ribeiro,” says Arnaldo.

“Also Everton Ribeiro has the highlight and the advantage of having rapport with the other Flamengo players, including those who have already left. Paquetá back there, who said he understands by looking with Everton Ribeiro, and Gerson more recently. So, these little games over there, these 5 minutes against Argentina and these other two games against weak teams had a big winner: Everton Ribeiro”, he concludes.

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