Before dying, an influencer who was not vaccinated appeals: ‘Don’t wait, go get vaccinated’

Tiktoker said it wasn’t anti-vaccine and that he was just trying to do some research.

Popular on Tiktok, American influencer Megan Alexandra Blankenbiller posted a video on the platform days before she died from covid-19. Hospitalized, she made an appeal for people to get vaccinated.

She posted the video on August 15, nine days before her death, talking about her condition and her mistake in not getting immunized.

“Like I said in my other videos, I didn’t get vaccinated,” Megan said, panting. “I’m not anti-vaccine. I was just trying to do my research. I was scared, and I wish my family and I could get the vaccine at the same time.”

She even made a request: “Don’t wait, go get vaccinated. Because if you catch the virus, you won’t end up in the hospital like I do.”

The 31-year-old tiktoker passed away on August 24th. She lived in Jacksonville, Florida.