Behind the scenes of the impact on Bolsonaro’s ‘appeaser’ card Supreme

  • Nathalia Birdie
  • From BBC News Brazil in London

Bolsonaro waves to supporters

Credit, Reuters

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Bolsonaro attacked the STF in acts of the 7th of September

Two days after making threats to the Federal Supreme Court and calling minister Alexandre de Moraes a “scoundrel”, Bolsonaro released a letter in a “pacifying tone”, declaring that he never “had the intention of attacking any Powers”.

The president’s retreat surprised STF ministers, but not convinced, according to BBC News Brasil. For a group of Supreme Court members, Bolsonaro’s “stop on the brakes” is probably temporary, to reduce pressure.

The letter was written by former president Michel Temer, who flew from São Paulo to Brasília to mediate the conflict between the president and the other powers, after threats made by Bolsonaro in speeches at the popular demonstrations on September 7th.

He even said that Moraes was no longer able to remain in the Supreme Court, he stated that he would not respect the minister’s decisions and demanded that the president of the STF, Luiz Fux, “frame” his colleague, which would be unconstitutional.