Bolsonaro participates in a ceremony at Expointer, in Esteio | Rio Grande do Sul

This was the first time the president has appeared in public after the September 7 demonstrations and the release of the letter in which he claims that he had “never intended to attack any of the powers that be.”

The visit was the only appointment on the presidential agenda in the state. At the exhibition park, the president received the Farroupilha Merit Medal. After lunch with representatives of agribusiness in the state, Bolsonaro left the park at around 1:45 pm.

Bolsonaro was accompanied by his second son, Rio de Janeiro councilor Carlos Bolsonaro (Republicans), who also did not wear a mask.

The minister of the Institutional Security Office of the Presidency of the Republic (GSI), General Augusto Heleno, and the Minister of Labor and Social Security, Onyx Lorenzoni, also accompanied the visit. The delegation was welcomed by the vice-governor, Ranolfo Vieira Júnior (PTB).

Bolsonaro receives a Farroupilha Merit Medal at Expointer. — Photo: Reproduction/TV Brasil

In nearly three years as president, Bolsonaro participated in events in Rio Grande do Sul on seven occasions, including this weekend. The last ones were in July this year, when he spent less than two days in Serra and in the capital of Rio Grande do Sul.

On the 9th, he attended the opening of the 1st Brazilian Grafeno Fair, at the University of Caxias do Sul (UCS), and had dinner with wine producers in Bento Gonçalves.

On the morning of the 10th, also a Saturday, he met with supporters for a motorcycle ride through cities in the Metropolitan Region. Afterwards, he had lunch with businessmen, in the South Zone of Porto Alegre, and left the state capital, at around 4 pm, for Brasília.

Before that, he was at the inauguration of the main axis of the new Ponte do Guaíba, on the BR-290, in Porto Alegre, and in the release of 27 kilometers of duplication of the BR-116 in Barra do Ribeiro, in December 2020.

President Jair Bolsonaro and RS Governor, Eduardo Leite, in Porto Alegre, December 2020 — Photo: Gustavo Mansur/Palácio Piratini

In April 2020, he participated in the inauguration of General Valério Stumpf in the Southern Military Command, in the capital.

In December 2019, Bolsonaro participated in the 55th Mercosur Summit, also in Serra, with the participation of other South American presidents.

In August of that year, he also attended another inauguration of another duplicated stretch of the BR-116, in Pelotas, in the southern region of the state. And in May 2019, Bolsonaro participated in the National Artillery Festival, which honored Marshal Emílio Luiz Mallet, in Santa Maria, in the central region of the state.

Ceremony chooses the main highlights of Expointer in RS

Ceremony chooses the main highlights of Expointer in RS

Minister delivered certificate to the state

On Friday (10), the Minister of Agriculture, Tereza Cristina, went to the exhibition park. She received the Farroupilha Merit Medal, at the House of the Legislative Assembly, and gave Governor Eduardo Leite the official certificate of FMD-free zone without vaccination to the state. With the new status, more than 40 million heads of cattle are no longer vaccinated, equivalent to 20% of the Brazilian cattle herd.

“Rio Grande do Sul has a tradition of agriculture, of excellent livestock, and I think it is an example. It is the fourth state in production, and we have seen Rio Grande do Sul using new technologies, I have seen the meetings happening so that they also produce the off-season in the winter, with other crops, not just corn, a wider range of crops helping the Brazilian GDP”, he says.

Tereza Cristina joined the governor and other authorities on the platform for the official opening ceremony, which takes place two days before the end of the fair for the champions’ parades. She also visited other pavilions and, this Saturday, joins the official delegation with other members of the federal government from 11 am.