Journalist Oswaldo Eustáquio and truck driver Zé Trovão, who are in Mexico

Journalist Oswaldo Eustáquio and truck driver Zé Trovão, who are in Mexico| Photo: Personal archive

Truck driver Marco Antônio Pereira Gomes, known as Zé Trovão, one of the leaders of the September 7 demonstrations in favor of the government, said that President Jair Bolsonaro “resolved” the situation of several people who, like him, are being investigated by Minister Alexandre de Moraes.

This Thursday (9), Bolsonaro spoke with the minister before releasing a note in which he defended harmony between the Powers, praised him as a “lawyer and professor” and stated that decisions against those investigated must be “resolved” through of judicial measures.

This Friday (10), in a video released through WhatsApp (see below), Zé Trovão praised Bolsonaro. Alongside journalist Oswaldo Eustáquio – the two are in Mexico City – the truck driver also praised the president for putting an end to the strike in the category.

“This man becomes the greatest statesman in the world. He always wanted and wants to do the best for our country. So, from now on, everything is free, Brazil is back in operation. And with all certainty, with for sure, we will now have harmony between the Powers. That is what is agreed. In addition to all the release of political prisoners. And we will never again suffer any political oppression. All journalists will be able to speak their minds again.” , he stated.

He added that deputy Daniel Silveira (PSL-RJ) and PTB president Roberto Jefferson will be released.