Brazilian composer accuses Adele of plagiarizing music sung by Martinho da Vila – Zoeira

the Brazilian composer Toninho Generations accuses the singer Adele to plagiarize the song “Women”, popularized by Martinho da Vila. He said he had gathered evidence to file a lawsuit against the British. The information is from the magazine Who.

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According to Toninho, the plagiarism is evident in the track ‘Million Years Ago’, from the album ’25’. “I was appalled when I realized. The melody and harmony are the same. It’s a blatant copy,” he told the Look.

Two out-of-court notices – to which the magazine had access – sent in May to Adele, XL Recordings and Sony Music, and producer Greg Kurstin allege that the singer and producer “appropriated the first notes of the introduction and reproduced them at the beginning, in the chorus and at the end of the track”.

The documents also point out that the notes allegedly copied from “Women” correspond to 87% of Adele’s song.

Compare the two songs below:

Adele’s Million Years Ago

Women, from Martinho da Vila