Brazilian musician goes to court and accuses Adele of plagiarizing Martinho da Vila’s samba hit: “Cópia escanrada”; compare the songs!

Xi… The singer Adele is the target of a lawsuit filed by a Brazilian musician. According to a report in Veja magazine, composer Toninho Geraes gathered evidence to accuse the star of plagiarism. According to him, the track “Million Years Ago”, from the “25” album, would have copied his iconic song “Mulheres”, which was enshrined in the voice of Martinho da Vila.

“I was appalled when I realized. Melody and harmony are the same. It’s a gaping copy”, shot the artist, who is responsible for several hits in samba and pagode, such as “Seu Balancê”, by Zeca Pagodinho. Two out-of-court notices have already been sent in May to Adele, “Million Years Ago” producer and co-author Greg Kurstin, Sony Music, and XL Recordings/Beggars Group.

Adele Snl1
According to the Brazilian musician, 87% of Adele’s melody would have been copied from the song “Mulheres”. (Photo: Reproduction)

According to the report, who had access to the documents, Toninho’s defense claims that Adele and Kurstin “appropriated the first introductory notes” of “Women”, reproducing them at the beginning, in the chorus and at the end of the British song. The notices account for 88 evidence of copying in the bars of “Million Years Ago”, including identical passages, others substantially similar and imitative. In practice, this totals about 87% of the song, ie three minutes and two seconds. Geez!

Check out the songs below and draw your own conclusions:

“Women” – Milton Nascimento (composition: Toninho Geraes)

“Million Years Ago” – Adele (composition: Adele Adkins and Greg Kurstin)

For a plagiarism to be proven, it is necessary to prove that the plagiarist had contact with the original work and acted intentionally. Therefore, Geraes and his defense argue and try to demonstrate that Adele’s producer is a Brazilian music researcher, and that the singer became friends with personal trainer Camila Goodis, who is also Brazilian.

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According to Veja, only Sony Brazil issued a formal response on the case. The company informed that the record company and Adele herself are dealing with the matter. “Our intention was to try to reach an agreement, but in the face of silence, we will go to court”, explained the lawyer Fredímio Biasotto Trotta.

Toninho Geraes Martinho
Martinho da Vila and the composer Toninho Geraes. (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Toninho Geraes learned of the alleged plagiarism after being contacted by Misael Hora, son of Maestro Rildo Hora – who orchestrated the composition. The keyboard player realized the similarities when he overheard Adele’s song at a party. “At first I thought it was a version, but I went searching and saw that the credit didn’t appear”, he said, who immediately went to warn the composer. Will this case still have a historic victory?