Camaçari Chamber holds a public hearing after illegal closure of access to the beach in Abrantes

Camaçari City Council held a Public Hearing this Friday morning (10), to debate the right of access to beaches in the city. Requested and chaired by councilor Tagner (PT), the hearing was attended by civil society and personalities who deal personally and professionally with environmental issues.

The construction of a wall in the sand of Busca Vida beach, in Vila de Abrantes, was what motivated the audience. Tagner showed a video in which he exposes the difficulty in entering the project’s area. According to the councilor, the construction of the wall blocked access to the beach in an irregular manner.

“This House has to move to stop all these environmental crimes that happen in Camaçari”, he said.

In addition to the president, names such as environmentalist Ana Mandim, who chairs the Camaçari Municipal Council for the Environment (Comam); urban planner and lawyer Juan Sterfan, representative of the Environment Commission of OAB-Camaçari; state deputy Marcelino Galo (PT), member of the Environmental Council of the Legislative Assembly of Bahia; the director of the Water, Sewage and Environment Workers Union of the State of Bahia, Juliano Falcão; environmentalist Silas Santana; community leader Fabiana Franco; and Lieutenant Thiago Portela, from the Environmental Protection Police Company.

First invited to speak, Ana Mandim presented a background on different environmental laws that deal with the right to access the beach, ranging from Roman law to current legislation in Brazil. Attorney Juan Sterfan, on the other hand, brought to the Hearing data referring to irregular occupation on the edge of the municipality.

The environmentalist and civil society representative, Bacelar Saldanha, highlighted the importance of environmental balance and explained the reasons for the sea to be advancing on dunes and rivers, attributing this phenomenon to the diversion and damming of rivers that stopped advancing into the sea, causing let the sea occupy its shores.

After all the guests spoke, Councilor Tagner read the questions asked by WhatsApp, and opened the microphones for anyone who wanted to participate. One of the questions was asked by community leader Luiz Claudio, who questioned why Camaçari does not have a specific secretariat to oversee the subdivisions that appear in practice as condominiums.

Businessman Vitor Hugo also asked to speak, and asked those present when the issue of access to the beaches will be dealt with in the Master Plan for Urban Development of the Municipality of Camaçari.