Carlinhos Maia will be honored by Império de Casa Verde at Carnival 2022: “I understood that my mission goes beyond the Internet”

From Stories and from Vila, to the Sambódromo! The life story of Carlinhos Maia will be the theme of the Império de Casa Verde samba school in the 2022 Carnival parades in São Paulo. The comedian confirmed the news this Friday (10), to The samba-enredo will be called “The Power of Communication: O Messenger of Emoções”.

Carlinhos did not hide his emotion for the association’s tribute. “I can’t explain exactly what I’m feeling, I don’t know if I cry, if I smile, but I can only say thanks”, said the Alagoas. “I matured, I understood that my mission goes beyond the Internet, it reaches people’s hearts, and especially mothers. That’s crazy, but it’s pure magic, I’m sure it’s going to be something surprising”, he declared, that he will be the first digital influencer to receive such a tribute at Carnaval.

Carlinhos Maia Imperio Casa Verde
The samba-enredo of Império de Casa Verde will bring Carlinhos Maia as a “hero” of communication. (Photo: Disclosure)
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According to Maia, the invitation came a year before the Covid-19 pandemic. But at first he thought it was a prank. “I didn’t believe it at the time. I thought they were making fun of me, because I always watched the samba schools from home. It took a while for me to sink in, for my story on the Internet and in people’s lives to have such relevance to the point of arriving at a samba school as big as Império de Casa Verde”, commented.

While Império concludes preparations for next year’s parade, Carlinhos admitted that he gives his best, but trusts and admires the team’s work. “I have an opinion on many things, but I confess that I am so hallucinated with everything that was presented to me, that I feel embarrassed about wanting to move a lot, precisely because they are so committed and happy to tell a little of my story and the village”, reflected the comedian.

Carlinhos Maia Vila
After Carlinhos Maia’s success on social media, Vila Primavera even won a series on Multishow: “Uma Vila de Novela”. (Photo: Disclosure/Multishow)

Diego Nicolau, who was one of the authors of the samba, spoke about the composition in June, in an interview on the website Sambario. According to him, the song will bring Carlinhos as one of the great highlights of communication innovations. “We tried to make a samba that wasn’t very influential in this wave of influence. The plot puts him as a hero in all of this, in the new form of communication, and we had to create in that sense”, revealed the artist.

During a live this Friday night, Império de Casa Verde revealed the samba-plot and explained that they will show the history of communication in general. Carlinhos will represent the Internet and social media, coming in the last sector of the parade, as the main character of the 2022 theme. The influencer was also honored, with the presence of his husband, Lucas Guimarães, and his family, without holding back tears in celebration.

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