Carol Celico’s wedding dress: wedding look details

Carol Celico married Edward Scarpa this Thursday (9th). The couple opted for a religious ceremony at Nossa Senhora do Brasil Church, in São Paulo, followed by a civil ceremony alongside their parents and siblings. The influencer chose a discreet and elegant dress to formalize the union with the entrepreneur. The stylist chosen to design the look was Paula Raia, with whom Carol has been a personal friend for years.

“I thought of something more minimalist, that didn’t have shine or a lot of volume. I chose Paula because I identify in her a very authentic style, with a lot of personality and elegant. Besides, she is a woman I admire as a professional and as a person,” she told ” Vogue”.

Stylist takes six months to finish the look

According to Paula, they were reunited in a delicate moment for both. “Earlier this year, I found her again when I lost my mother and she lost her father on the same day. We embraced and connected,” he recalled.

“Then she told me about the wedding and at the time the images of my mother of the bride came to me, because I was just reliving the memories and records of the extraordinary life she had. The creation of the dress started from there, reminding the bride that mine mother went,” said the stylist.

Paula took six months to complete the look. “There were a lot of clothes fittings and a lot of manual work”, he explained.

Carol Celico Wedding Dress Details

The wedding dress is an important part of the production for the big day. There are different models, styles and options available for each person. Carol’s, for example, was made up of two pieces: a midi skirt and a shirt with a collar. The veil gave a romantic tone to the sober style.

“I loved the fabric, the two-piece format resulting in a unique dress,” praised Carol. ​”The simplicity of being a lacy shirt in contrast to the voluminous skirt left the dress light, feminine and with personality, just like Carol is. A joy to be a part of this day”, declared Paula. “The veil was something that was thought out at the last minute and was light and delicate,” added the influencer.

Influencer has help from stylist Yan Acioli

the stylist Yan Acioli guided Carol in dress choice process. “I had a touch of help and approval from Yan, who I adore, and from Helena Barbero, who works with fashion and is my childhood friend. Everyone also accompanied me so that I felt safer at that moment,” she said.

She also gave other details of the look, such as the transparency that appears in some parts of the fabric. “It’s a feature of Paula’s collections that I love. Even though it shows part of my body, in an unusual way, I preferred not to use lining. I loved the result,” he declared.

Scarpin and wedding jewelry

To complement the look, Carol wore a scarpin signed by Yves Saint Laurent. “I think I wore it only once. It is perfect, flawless. When Paula talked about wearing a white scarpin, I already knew that I would wear it”, detailed the influencer, who invested in jewelry by Richard Fiszman: “That’s where Eduardo bought his engagement ring. So, it makes perfect sense to come in with his earrings, which have beautiful stones, elegant and, at the same time, simple, without many secrets”.