Celso de Mello compares Bolsonaro’s letter to the nation to Hitler’s pact – 11/09/2021

Former dean of the Federal Supreme Court, retired minister Celso de Mello compared the “Declaration to the Nation” written by Michel Temer and signed by Bolsonaro last Thursday to the Munich agreement signed at a conference organized by Adolf Hitler in September 1938 For the retired Supreme Court minister, Bolsonaro’s purported regret for the coup statements he made at the September 7 demonstrations could turn out to be a farce.

In statements made to journalist Diego Escosteguy, of the newsletter O Backstage, Celso de Mello based his skepticism regarding Bolsonaro’s real intentions in the “autocratic personality” and in the president’s “proven willingness” to “outrage the Constitution and ignore the limits that the Political Charter imposes on its powers”.

In Celso de Mello’s assessment, it is risky to give credit to the terms of the letter signed by Bolsonaro. He asked: the demonstration “would be a mere strategic resource by Bolsonaro to deceive, through disqualified conduct tainted by farce, those who, faithful to the Constitution —such as the judges of the Federal Supreme Court—, seek to implement the necessary harmonious coexistence between the Powers of the Republic?”.

Celso de Mello doubts the sincerity of the president’s words: “If Bolsonaro reveals infidelity to what he agreed to, he will have fully justified the warning that history, when repeated for the second time, occurs as a farce.” The minister does not rule out the risk of a coup “from those who have a visceral dislike for the regime of fundamental freedoms and for the text of the Constitution”.

In Celso de Mello’s opinion it became imperative to organize a movement “to resist and frustrate any subversion of the democratic order.” Something that would constitute “an infamous and contemptible offense to the supremacy of the Constitution.”