Celso de Mello: How much can you trust what Bolsonaro says?

The “Declaration to the Nation” contained in the Official Note signed by Bolsonaro on 09/09/2021 would constitute, in the present historical moment that our country is experiencing, a worrying (and dangerous) (re)constitution of the farce of the Pact (or Agreement) of Munich proposed, on 29/09/1938, by Hitler to the main European powers, in an instant of extreme, delicate and intense political-military tension?

Who would occupy, in this context, the naive position of Neville Chamberlain, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, who, misled by the Führer (whose totalitarian project of power and ambition of imperial expansionism were indisputable), thought, pathetically, that the conflict would be avoided and peace finally achieved? What is the credibility coefficient of this commitment formally assumed by Bolsonaro?

The content of his “Declaration to the Nation” proves to be incompatible with his autocratic personality and irreconcilable with his proven willingness to outrage the Constitution and ignore the limits that the Political Charter imposes on his powers!

As Professor Sérgio Abranches rightly warned, “The Retreat Note will not change Bolsonaro’s path towards the coup”! To resist and frustrate any subversion of the democratic order (which translates an infamous and despicable offense to the supremacy of the Constitution), it is necessary – as this eminent Professor points out – the “formation of a broad democratic consensus”, which will represent, at this time, “the only quite [legítimo e pacífico] to interrupt the authoritarian escalation” of those who nurture a visceral disrespect for the regime of fundamental freedoms and for the text of the Constitution!

History, in this episode pocketnaresco, seems to repeat itself!!! MARX, in his “O 18 de Brumario by Luis Bonaparte”, begins his work, uttering, in the first paragraph, his famous sentence:

“Hegel observes (…) that all the facts and characters of great importance in the history of the world occur, as it were, twice.

And he forgot to add: the first time as a tragedy, the second as a farce (…)”! Bolsonaro’s notorious and irresponsible aversion to fulfilling his own commitments justifies serious doubts about the value (and sincerity) of his words… If Bolsonaro reveals infidelity to what he agreed to, he will have given full reason to the warning according to which History, when it repeats itself for the second time, occurs as a farce!!!!

The fact is only one: The “Declaration to the Nation” would be worthy of faith or would constitute a mere strategic resource by Bolsonaro to deceive, through disqualified conduct and tarnished by the smear of farce, those who, faithful to the Constitution (such as the judges of the Federal Supreme Court ), seek to implement the necessary harmonious coexistence between the Powers of the Republic?