Check out the drivers’ statements after qualifying for the Italian GP

Valtteri Bottas will start from first position in the sprint race of the Italian GP (Photo: Mercedes)


In a surprising last lap, Valtteri Bottas secured the first position for the sprint race of the Formula 1 Italian GP. The Mercedes driver spiked 1min19s555 this Friday (10) and was 0s096 ahead of Lewis Hamilton, in second place. Max Verstappen secured third place on the grid.

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0s434 slower than the Finn, Lando Norris will come out in fourth, ahead of Daniel Ricciardo, Pierre Gasly, Carlos Sainz, Charles Leclerc, Sergio Pérez and Antonio Giovinazzi.

Valtteri Bottas will start from first position in the sprint race of the Italian GP (Photo: Mercedes)

Sebastian Vettel scored 1min20s913 and took 11th place, followed by Lance Stroll, Fernando Alonso, Esteban Ocon, George Russell, Nicholas Latifi, Yuki Tsunoda, Mick Schumacher and Robert Kubica. Nikita Mazepin took the last position.

Formula 1 starts accelerating again this Saturday from 7:00 am (GMT-3) with free practice 2. The sprint race, or qualifying race, is scheduled for 11:30 am. O BIG PRIZE follow everything LIVE and in REAL TIME.

Check out the drivers’ statements after qualifying for the Formula 1 Italian GP:

Valtteri Bottas, first: Bottas highlights vacuum on the fastest lap and says “happy and relaxed” with a future

Lewis Hamilton, second: Hamilton is surprised by Verstappen’s return in Q3 and warns: “It’s pretty tight”

Max Verstappen, third: “Happy” for 3rd in the standings, Verstappen hopes Italy will be “difficult for us”

Lando Norris, bedroom: Norris alternates joy and frustration in Italy: “Losing 3rd place sucks”

Lance Stroll will start right behind Sebastian Vettel on Saturday (Photo: Aston Martin)

Daniel Ricciardo, fifth: Norris alternates joy and frustration in Italy: “Losing 3rd place sucks”

Pierre Gasly, sixth: Gasly thrills with 6th place in “cat and mouse game” by vacuum in the Monza standings

Carlos Sainz, seventh: Sainz sees classification in Italy as “progress”, but Leclerc complains: “Difficult day”

Charles Leclerc, eighth: Sainz sees classification in Italy as “progress”, but Leclerc complains: “Difficult day”

Sergio Pérez, ninth: “We fought in today’s standings. Tomorrow our goal in the sprint race is to try to gain some positions and get stronger on the track, but I think this will be difficult because of the aerodynamics that the track asks for. But our racing simulations looked promising today and a lot of things could still happen, so let’s see what happens, I’m looking forward to it. We will try to improve our performance for a strong race on Sunday”.

Antonio Giovinazzi, tenth: “I’m really happy to get to Q3 ahead of the tifosi, it’s unbelievable. We were solid from the start, even in Q1 and Q2 we finished sixth and seventh, we knew we could have a good result. We only had one set of new tires for Q3 so there wasn’t much progress there. But we accept the P10. Even if it’s just the starting position for the sprint race, it allows us to start in great position. We need to start well tomorrow, it’s a race with no pit-stop and no strategy, but we want to position ourselves well for Sunday. There are aggressive drivers and we want to make our position count”.

Sebastian Vettel, 11th: Out of Q3 by just 0s031, Vettel targets sprint race to “recover ground” in Italy

Throw Stroll, 12th: “It’s a shame I missed Q3 for so little. It was a solid team effort and we managed to do some good laps despite the challenges that Monza always presents in the standings. Traffic was a problem for everyone and it was difficult to find the voids. While it’s disappointing not to make it to Q3, tomorrow’s sprint race should give us the opportunity to gain positions and start Sunday’s race in the top ten.”

Lewis Hamilton in Monza (Photo: Mercedes)

Fernando Alonso, 13th: Alonso laments the lack of pace at Monza and evaluates the sprint race: “Points only on Sunday”

Esteban Ocon, 14th: “I’m a little disappointed with our qualifying result as I feel there was a little more we could do. It was very tight again between Fernando and me, less than 0s05, something that shows how we are pushing the car as much as possible. We arrived at Q3 in a good run of races, so it’s disappointing that this ends. Either way, this weekend’s format is different with the sprint race and Sunday’s race for a recovery. We have positions to recover, but the goal is to be at the front of the pack tomorrow, make overtaking and put us in the best position for Sunday”.

George Russell, 15th: “It was a very complicated day and we weren’t as competitive here as we expected. We haven’t been in the right window with the car since the TL1 and that really compromises you on a weekend like this. We did a very good job in qualifying and the team put me in the right position on the track, but today it wasn’t meant to be. I think we’re in a better position for the sprint race tomorrow than we were today, but I think it’s going to be a tough weekend. However, we need to make an effort and see what we can achieve”.

Yuki Tsunoda, 16th: “I’m obviously disappointed, but that’s how it works. The track limits are the same for everyone, so a mistake is a mistake. I think tomorrow’s sprint race will be difficult, as will the mobile wing train, so it will be difficult to overtake. I will try my best to advance. I think starting well will be really important to have the best possible chance of overtaking tomorrow.”

Nicholas Latifi, 17th: “The car wasn’t very good in TL1 and just having one practice session makes things tricky, but I think we managed to make some good changes before qualifying and the car was much better. In the end, as we saw last year, this is not a track that suits our car and we could have made some improvements. It’s frustrating to have missed Q2 when we were so close. We did some tests with our pace today and hope to be in a better position tomorrow. This is a track you can overtake, so we’ll see what we can do in the sprint race.”

Mick Schumacher, 18th: “It was getting a little tight at the end of qualifying. It was good to be in front of an Alfa Romeo, it’s an achievement for us. We are happy about it. Looking ahead to tomorrow, I hope we make the right changes to the car and we can fight back. What we learned at Silverstone is that the sprint race is different from the main race in terms of tire wear, so we will probably have to attack and enter with a different approach than the race.”

Lando Norris was very close to the top-3 in this Friday’s standings (Photo: McLaren)

Robert Kubica, 19th: “It wasn’t the calmest day, but tomorrow we can recover some air. Free practice wasn’t bad, but it’s not easy to have references. I’m a little disappointed with the result of the classification, because I believe it could be higher. Finding grid space was not easy and when I did, my first trip to the track was hindered by Mazepin, who was in the middle of the track. At first I thought he had a technical problem, but then he sped up. It’s a shame, because in a short session you have to make every lap count. But that’s how it works.”

Nikita Mazepin, 20th: “Another interesting and frantic classification. I was happy to have clean laps, in terms of opening without any problems, because we were walking very slowly on the last straight before the final corner. I unfortunately left the track on my fastest lap, which took me some time. We have two races this weekend, the pace is promising so I’m excited.”