Chris Hemsowrth Unveils Impressive physique for Netflix Rescue 2 – Movie News

The film is produced by the Russo brothers, with whom the actor has worked in Avengers: Infinite War and Ultimatum.

The recording of Thor: Love and Thunder has already come to an end and now Chris Hemsworth starts to prepare for his next project: Rescue 2. The sequel to one of Netflix’s most acclaimed films last year is already in pre-production, which also brings back the Russo brothers, responsible for Avengers: Infinite War and Ultimatum, on the film’s team. In a recent post on his official Instagram profile, the actor decided to share his preparation for returning to the role of Tyler Rake.

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It is not new that Hemsworth has been investing in showing on his social networks all his physical preparation for the roles he will play. In June of this year, our eternal god of thunder created a special course in which he showed his training before starting the shooting of the new Marvel movie. At the time, he wrote: “Over the years, I had many doubts about preparing and training to play Thor. the strongest version of myself to date. From there, I decided to create a fully guided program showing how I got to this result.”

Now the actor, who has been standing out in action movies, appeared with an insane physique and showing the step by step of his new routine. “Preparing for the sequel to Netflix’s Rescue. In transition from training with heavy weights to more functional movements with body weight focused on agility, strength and speed,” said the actor in the caption.

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In Rescue, Chris Hemsworth plays Tyler Rake, a special agent who is given the difficult mission of freeing an Indian boy who is held hostage in the city of Dhaka. Despite being physically prepared, he needs to deal with identity crises and his emotionally weakened by past problems so that he can assign his task in the best possible way.

Just two weeks after its release, Netflix announced that the film was seen by “about 90 million homes” and was “on its way to becoming the biggest movie premiere of all time” on the streaming service. Now, the production is about to gain a sequel, but still without a release forecast. Confirmation came through an interview with producer and screenwriter Joe Russo, “I closed the deal to write Rescue 2 and we’re thinking about what the story would be,” he said. “We still don’t know if history will go forward or backward in time. We left a very open ending that creates many doubts for the spectators”, he added.

Already in another interview with Entertainment Tonight, Russo gave some hints of what to expect for this sequel: “I started writing the sequel (or prequel?) 3 weeks ago. It’s a great character to write, with a fantastic performance by Hemsworth. It makes my job easier. I think the mission is to scale up the next film, emotionally and physically.”