Corinthians and Grmio tie and Danilo’s team remains without a win in the second stage of the Brazilian Under-23

Corinthians and Grêmio faced each other this Friday afternoon for the fourth round of the second phase of the Campeonato Brasileiro de Aspirantes. The game took place at Fazendinha, in Parque São Jorge, and ended in a draw 2-2, in another draw for the teams in the competition.

With this, Timãozinho continues without winning in the second phase, where they drew all four of their matches. With four points, the team is behind Ceará, which is the leader with ten points, and Grêmio, which has five. The group’s lantern is Figueirense, who only adds one point. Only the top two qualify for the next round.

Write it down, Faithful! The Under-23 team coached by Danilo returns to the field for Brasileirão next Thursday, September 16, when they face Figueirense, at Fazendinha, for the fifth round of the second phase of the tournament.


Danilo sent Corinthians to the field with: Guilherme, Igor Marques, Emerson Sousa, Gabriel Araújo, Willian; Warian, Thiaguinho, Gabriel Fernandes, Rafael Bilu, Richard; Mathias Mathias.

The game

First time

Before the game started, we already had problems. The start of the match was postponed for a few minutes because of a delay by the Corinthians doctor, according to the broadcast by Eleven Sports.

When the referee whistled the start of the game, Grêmio started with everything. In the first minute of the match, Elias Manoel took advantage of a cross and opened the scoring for the Rio Grande do Sul team.

Even after getting ahead of the scoreboard, Grêmio continued to put pressure on Corinthians. With seven minutes of play, Wesley hit the cross and Guilherme Pezão made an important defense. The first arrival of Danilo’s team was at ten, when Rafael Bilu received a cross and kicked the ball away from goal.

With more game volume, Corinthians tried to pressure Grêmio in search of a draw, but ran into their difficulties to tie the match. On minute 24, the Grêmio team had another chance to increase the score with Pedro Lucas, who took a dangerous foul, saw Guilherme defend and the ball exploded on the crossbar.

Calm in the game, working without haste and with ease in attack, Elias Manoel was close to increasing the score. Vini Paulista failed as far as the attacker, who kicked it out. The Grêmio shirt 9 caused many problems for Corinthians and 30 minutes into the game saw his shot saved over the line by the defense of Danilo’s team.

After a lot of Grêmio pressure, Corinthians took advantage of Grêmio’s first goal in a long time. Gabriel crossed to Warian, who headed without a chance for goalkeeper Felipe and tied the game.

At 40, another ball in the goalkeeper of Corinthians. Wesley dominated, cut and kicked directly into Guilherme’s left post. On the rebound, Bitello isolated and the match went to halftime with 1 to 1 on the scoreboard.

Second time

The second stage started in the same way as the first: Grêmio scaring Corinthians. After five minutes, the team from Rio Grande do Sul had a good chance to break the tie. In the next move, Timãozinho arrived with Richard, who stopped at goalkeeper Felipe.

The match was more disputed in the second stage, with both teams looking for the tiebreaker, but with difficulties to create real chances for the match. Danilo made the first change after ten minutes, when he put Reifit in Richard’s place.

On minute 15, Matheus Matias cut the defender and hit hard from outside the area, forcing the Grêmio goalkeeper to play the ball for corner. With 18 minutes, Grêmio returned to lead the score. Wesley received a cross, took advantage of the defense’s failure and scored the Grêmio’s second goal in the match.

After falling behind on the scoreboard, Corinthians started to put pressure on Grêmio. With practically the entire team in the attacking field, Danilo’s team exchanged passes and reached the tie once again with Warian. The defensive midfielder received a pass from Rafael Bilu, hit crossed and scored his second goal in the match.

Corinthians was already a second time higher than Grêmio and this continued after the goal. After a corner kick, Gabriel Araújo headed and saw Felipe make a great save. Seeking the first victory in the second phase of the competition, Timãozinho continued to scare Grêmio.

Taking advantage of the good moment in the game, Danilo promoted two more substitutions: John Kleber and Luan Vitor entered the vacancies of Matheus Matias and Gabriel Fernandes. The changes, however, did not have such an effect.

In the final minutes, Grêmio started to attack more and created good chances with Wesley and Pedro Lucas. Guilherme Pezão, Corinthians goalkeeper, made a great save to keep the tie.

With 48 minutes on the field, Wesley made a strong foul on Emerson and the Corinthians defender didn’t like it. After that, a big mess started on the lawn and Igor Marques was sent off before the game ended.

Corinthians 2 x 2 Grmio technical sheet

Competition: Brazilian Aspirants Championship
Local: Alfredo Schrig Stadium, So Paulo, SP
Date: September 10, 2021 (Friday)
Time: 3:00 pm (Brasilia)
Referee: Pietro Dimitrof Stefanelli
Assistants: Magno stalk of Paula Andradee Robson Ferreira Oliveira
Goals: Warian (twice) (Corinthians); Wesley and Elias Manoel (Grmio)
Yellow cards: Emerson Sousa and Warian (Corinthians); Wesley and Guilherme Bela (Grmio)
Red card: Igor Marques (Corinthians)

CORINTHIANS: William Vincentini; Igor Marques, Emerson Sousa, Gabriel Arajo, Gabriel Lima (Luan Vitor), Willian, Thiaguinho (Winicius Maia), Warian, Matheus Matias (John Kleber), Rafael Bilu and Richard (Reifit).
Technician: Danilo

GRMIO: Philip; Thomas (Juan Christian), Ericson, Emanuel, Thiago Rosa, Bitello (Heitor), Gazo, Pedro Lucas (Vitinho), Vini Paulista (Guilherme Bela), Wesley and Elias Manoel (Ronald).
Technician: csar lopes

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