Corinthians wins Ferroviria on penalties and is in the final of the U-18 Women’s Brazilian Championship

Corinthians won this Friday afternoon’s place in the final of the Brazilian Women’s Under-18 Championship, for the first time in the club’s history.

After beating Ferrol in regular time by 3-2, Brabinhas took the decision to penalties and won 3-0. The first leg, at Fazendinha, had been 1-0 for the team from Araraquara.

Now, Timão takes São Paulo in the tournament decision. The CBF will still confirm the dates of the two games that define the national champion.


Coach Dani Alves selected the team for the decision with: Nanda, Áhlice Guedes, Duda Mineira, Bell, Dayse, Cardoso, Julia Brito, Vick, Miracatu, Manu Olivan and Laysla.

The game

First time

Despite the advantage built in the first game, Ferroviária was the team that sought the offensive actions at the beginning of the first half. At seven minutes. Goalkeeper Nanda has already had to work, cutting across a cross that would lead to danger.

Timão’s first good arrival came from a free kick by Bell, at 12, who tried to cover for the rival archer, but ended up kicking over.

At 15, the railway opened the scoreboard. After a nice plot in the attack, Laurinha kicked from outside the area, with no chances for Nanda.

The Corinthians response came in the next move. At 18, after a corner kick, Duda Mineira climbed higher than everyone else and tested for lows. The ball still touched the crossbar and entered, leaving everything the same again.

There was not even time to celebrate the tie and Ferroviária returned to the lead of the scoreboard. Natalia was launched in a long ball, went ahead of the defense and hit crossed, making the 2-1.

Without the ball, the team continued suffering from the opposing exchange of passes. With the ball, Ferroviária was able to interrupt the Corinthians’ plays. Despite the rival’s superiority, goalkeeper Nanda was not required for the rest of the first half.

Corinthians’ last chance came from Laysla’s feet, risking from outside the area, but the shot was saved.

Second time

Corinthians came back tuned for the second stage and, right in the first minute, left everything the same again. Sorriso, who had entered the half-time, entered the area with the ball dominated, won with a foot iron and hit the cross with his right leg, scoring the second goal by Alvinegras.

In the next move, Ferroviária almost made another one, again with Natalia, who received the ball between the defenders and hit hard, but over the top.

Five minutes in, corner kicks were once again Timon’s offensive weapon. Vick hit the second stick and Laysla appeared to complete for the back of the net. 3 to 2, with everything the same on the aggregated scoreboard.

The intense heat of this Friday afternoon in Araraquara affected the pace of the game. Corinthians’ intensity, which worked in the initial moments, diminished as the minutes went by.

At 19, Timão almost scored the fourth goal. In a foul taken by Vick from midfield, Miracatu appeared alone to head a cross into the area, and the ball skimmed the crossbar.

At 34, Ferroviária lost an incredible chance of tying the match. After silly defense in Alvinegra, Aline had the ball unmarked in the penalty spot, and isolated.

In additions, Corinthians had the chance to score another one. Gabi Silva directly hit a foul on the left side of the entrance to the area and demanded a good defense from the goalkeeper of Ferroviária. With the 3-2 on the scoreboard, the decision of the vacancy went to penalties.

Penalty shootout

Railway was in charge of the first hit and wasted it, kicking it out. Isa Morais beat the first for Corinthians and converted. In the second charge, Ferroviária threw it out again. Duda Minas took the second from Timão and saved it.

Highlight of the Corinthians campaign, goalkeeper Nanda saved the third penalty and left the team alvinegro one goal from the decision. It was up to Bell to take the last penalty, convert to leaving for the hug. Corinthians classified for the first time for the final of the U-18 Brazilian Women’s Championship!

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