Datena reports reaction to smoking marijuana for the first time

During the Brasil Urgente this Friday (10), José Luiz Datena told how it was to have smoked marijuana for the first time. The program showed the seizure of drugs in São Paulo when the presenter was shocked by the large amount of material stored. At this point, the journalist reported on his experience with marijuana as a teenager.

“I tried smoking marijuana once in my life, when I was a kid. I must have been about 16, 17. It was the most horrible thing I’ve felt in my life. Drinking beer was crazier than the guys who smoked that stuff there . I never used drugs, I never liked it. Then I tried to smoke a train like that again, I found a bigger brand of crap. But I drank beer for a long time and lost part of my pancreas because of it.”


During the Brasil Urgente this Thursday (9), José Luiz Datena revealed that he received advice from Fausto Silva recently. The former global called the Band presenter to give tips on using the electronic point. According to the journalist, Faustão told him not to wear the device to his ear anymore, so as not to be disturbed and not be irritated during the program, since Datena gets angry when he receives instructions from the direction.

“Faustão, the other day, called me and said: ‘Once in a while you have to stop using the electronic point’ because I get angry because of the device. People talk at the most inappropriate moment and, sometimes, to give information that you just gave. He said: ‘Why don’t you stop using the electronic point and no one will complain about you arguing with others anymore'”.


“If you give wrong information, repeat something you said, you lose your mind… Because when you’re listening to someone, no one can talk to you, unless a meteor falls on the earth. You can’t talk when you’re interviewing someone. Every now and then I get mad here. Interruptions are important, but there’s a time for everything.”


Datena freaks out with Brazil Urgent team

On one occasion, in August, Datena got angry and ended up arguing with the program’s director, Débora Raposo, live. While reporter Felipe Garraffa gave information about a robbery at a department store in São Paulo, the presenter listened to the director’s instructions on his electronic point and didn’t like what he heard.