Datena talks with Faustão and opens the game about irritation in the Band

Datena revealed Faustão's connection during Brasil Urgente and gave advice (Photo: Reproduction/Band)
Datena revealed Faustão’s connection during Brasil Urgente and gave advice (Photo: Reproduction/Band)

Date revealed a conversation he had with Faust Silva. In the edition of Brasil Urgente this Thursday (09), he said that received a call from Faustão and exposed a piece of advice given by the new Band colleague.

The journalist’s revelation came after an interview with former president Michel Temer. He was annoyed by the warnings he received through the electronic point and ended up delivering the conversation with Fausto Silva.

Faustão called me the other day and said: ‘Datena, you have to stop using electronic point, because every now and then I got mad about the electronic point because people talk at the most inappropriate time’”, revealed Datena.

The presenter of Brasil Urgente showed himself annoyed with the messages you receive during the program. “Sometimes [falam no ponto eletrônico] to give information that you just gave. You have to listen to the program”, he complained.

Datena reveals conversation with Faustão

In sequence, he expounded an advice from Faustão. “He said: ‘why don’t you stop using electronic point? And then no one else will complain about you arguing with others‘”, he said, who added: “Because it’s our face that’s in the air, right. If you give wrong information, or repeat something you said, or you lose your mind”, he said.

While you’re listening to someone, no one can talk to you, unless a meteor falls on Earth or ‘oh Bolsonaro tore up the letter and doesn’t want to talk anymore’. Other than that, you can’t talk”, vented Datena.

presenter complains

“If you’re interviewing someone on the other side, if someone speaks in your ear, you can lose an important part of who is speaking in your ear. That’s why I get mad from time to time, said the anchor.

“Are interruptions important? They are. My team is the best team of journalists in Brazil, shot. The best technical team in Brazil. Only there is time for everything. When you do an interview, people can’t speak in your ear unless they have super important information, he continued.

Finally, Datena drew his team’s attention to what had just happened during Brasil Urgente. “The information I received here now, Temer had just spoken”, he stated, giving an “ear tug” to his live production on Band.

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