Deliverers to strike nationwide against ‘app terrorism’ today – News

App deliverers across the country will bring their activities to a standstill this Saturday (11), demanding an increase in pay for races, the end of account locks and against a recent system of scheduling hours for work.

Starting at 10 am, the act against what they call “app terrorism” will take place in several capitals, such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Manaus, Natal, Fortaleza, Goiânia, Salvador, Curitiba, Recife, João Pessoa, Boa Vista and Porto Alegre, and other municipalities in metropolitan and interior regions. The end of the events is scheduled for the end of the night, between 10 pm and 11 pm.

The strategy of motoboys and bikers this time will be to block the entrance of establishments with the highest volume of orders: shopping malls, restaurants and fast food chains, among others.

“In addition to taking a lot of risks, we’re getting paid very poorly and we’re being disrespected every day by apps. Gasoline is becoming more and more expensive and the cost of living too. Meanwhile, the rates are so low. No more paying to work!” says the text of a statement calling for the demonstration.

The organizers reported that the protest is not financed or even has the participation of unions or other groups, but articulated by them over three months, in constant communication from professionals from different states and funded from cows belonging to the ‘motocas’.

“The motoboys are united and revolted against the platform. We’ve been in several states lining up everything. We’re organizing ourselves, without political help or anything. We do kitty online and we help each other”, said Nascimento, one of the organizers, to R7.


The increase in the value offered by the races has been a reason for protests in the category since last July, when two major national events took place. The minimum fee requested by protesters is R$10 for up to 5 km, plus R$ 2 per additional kilometer.

According to the professionals, from the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic, with the increase in unemployment and the consequent search for other people for work as an application delivery person, the number of workers on two wheels rose and the amount received for deliveries actually decreased. during a period of high inflation.

Another recurring demand is the end of blockades without the right to defense. In this case, they claim that the applications block the accounts of motoboys and bikers for no apparent reason, preventing them from working.

A frequently reported case is user scams, when a customer receives the order and claims in the app that it was not delivered. According to the couriers, this automatically results in the blocking of your account. Platforms deny this kind of action.

Workers suggest that the order receipt code, a measure recently announced by some platforms, should be applied to all deliveries, which would prevent the scams.

A system for scheduling work, recently created by iFood, which the deliverymen are directly opposed to and refer to as a ‘laboratory’, is also on the agenda for this Saturday’s act. The motoboys claim that, within this method, only those who manage to schedule their journey in advance are able to work.


The article sought out Amobitec (Brazilian Association of Mobility and Technology) and three application companies.

In response, Amobitec stated that there was no reduction in rates during the current crisis the country is going through, and cited measures to help workers, such as agreements at gas stations and partnerships with companies for maintenance and parts of motorcycles, and actions such as distribution of hygiene kits and financial assistance to deliverymen who contracted covid-19 – what motoboys reported not having obtained in a previous report.

Regarding the blocking of accounts on the platforms, the association emphasizes that they are done “only when repeated violations of the application’s Terms of Use are identified”, and also emphasizes that companies are not interested in having the couriers blocked.

Rappi, in turn, ensured that it dialogues with its couriers and, regarding delivery rates, that freight is calculated taking into account several variables, such as day of the week, delivery zone, distance covered and order complexity. However, he did not answer whether he assesses an increase for workers.

Regarding the blockages, the company claims that it has a channel for professionals to challenge possible failures. Case descriptions, chats screenshots and other information, the note continues, should be sent to the Help Center, “which will review the situation, reversing any undue blocks”.

Uber Eats did not respond to the inquiries. iFood stated that Amobitec would answer for the demands.