Director of A Fazenda reveals the dream of having Neymar in the program

The web does not talk about anything other than the premiere of A Fazenda 13, which is scheduled for September 14th. The rural reality of Record TV is the network’s biggest audience success and this year it will have several news in addition to the new presenter Adriane Galisteu. The column spoke with Rodrigo Carelli, director of the attraction, who gave us some details of the thirteenth edition of the program and also revealed who is the celebrity he most desires to have in rural reality.

How is working with Adriane?
Adriane, in addition to being an experienced, intelligent and participative presenter in the production process, has the advantage of being a real fan and ultra knowledgeable reality show. This makes her, above all, a great company for the viewer.


Did Galisteu help in the selection of pawns? When does the reality show host discover the names of the participants?
Galisteu finds out about the names only closer to the debut, but in time to study their profiles.

I would like you to tell me who would be your dream pawn in the rural reality of Record TV, dream big! Is there anyone?

Do you watch the BBB? Does the performance of this reality show influence you in any way in the choice of farm workers?
They are different formats. On the farm, there is a need for them to fulfill tasks with the animals and this counts in their coexistence. In addition, we have face-to-face voting, the Farmer’s Test, the Fire Test, etc., which are unique features of the Farm. Besides being a confinement with nature and horizon. Only from the behavioral point of view and in relation to the way in which coexistence develops among the participants, there are some common points between the two programs.

Was full vaccination against Covid-19 a mandatory clause in this year’s celebrity contract?
No. Some of them are only vaccinated with the first dose, but on the right date they will be taken to a post near the Farm to take the second dose.

As with A Fazenda 12, will this season have security protocols? Which?
All personnel on the team will be periodically tested and will wear protective equipment. In addition, we avoid meeting people from different departments. The pedestrians will not have contact with the team, they will only meet Galisteu on elimination days and with the necessary distance.

Will we have any surprises or new dynamics in this edition?
Yes, we will. Starting with the arrival of another participant in the first party of the season. It will be chosen through the dynamics of Paiol Tik Tok.

On a scale of CPI’s Hurricane vs. Gatinha Miss Butt and Nicole Bahls x Viviane, in which position in the “bullshit” item do you believe A Fazenda 13 is?
Hope above these milestones. Strategies, bullshit, romances and games is all you want from a good season.