Duda Reis surprises with declaration after breaking up with millionaire

Duda Reis
Duda Reis is no longer dating Bruno Rudge (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

After the end of your relationship with Bruno Rudge, Duda Reis made a brief vent on Twitter this week.

Nobody dies of love, but we leave a bit broken, right“, wrote the actress, who completed the post with a crying emoji and a clown.

In the comments, the followers reacted. “Suffering because the millionaire Pocket Minion left you right? Sad”, fired an internet user. “The cat’s indirects“, said another. “And no, it’s not a bit broken”, stated a user of the social network.

As a result, the influencer went back and published: “Zoeira, it was just a charm. My birth chart prevents me from many things”.

Duda Reis and Bruno Rudge ended their relationship recently. In a note, the advisor of the digital influencer explained: “Duda Reis and Bruno Rudge decided, by mutual agreement, to end the love relationship. However, the excellent and unique relationship between them and their respective families remains”.

For those who don’t know, the artist and the entrepreneur took up the romance on Valentine’s Day. The relationship was the first that the redhead took on since the end of her troubled engagement with Nego do Borel.

Speaking of funk music, as reported by columnist Ancelmo Gois, from the newspaper O Globo, the singer presented a petition giving up a lawsuit against his ex.

The defense of the famous alleged that he “has no longer interest in pursuing the present demand”, without giving details about the reason for the withdrawal.

The action, which was put aside by the artist, asked Duda to remove the content he had posted on his social networks, accusing him of crimes such as rape, threats, transmission of disease and domestic violence.

It is noteworthy that, on the 20th, Nego officially missed the deadline to sue the ex-fiancée for libel, insult and defamation. In an atmosphere of celebration, Izabella Borges, lawyer for Reis, spoke about what happened in court.

In a conversation with Leo Dias’ column, from Metrópoles, the young woman’s defense stated: “We were happy with the acceptance of the thesis that rejected the complaints made by Leno against my client, Duda Reis. The rejection of accusations made by the aggressor against the woman who chooses to speak publicly about the violence she has experienced is a real victory”.

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