EcoSport: end in India is departure from the US

EcoSport: End in India is exit from US - analysts criticize SUV

The end of the Ford EcoSport in India, where the American automaker ended its production, as in Brazil, the American market is already seeing the departure of the subcompact SUV from the blue oval. It is believed, based on the Indian closing process, that it will come out in mid-2022.

Given this, the American market does not see a surprise with the end of the model in North America, although the Romanian production is guaranteed, according to a spokesman for Ford Europe.

There, the EcoSport is produced in Craiova and is below the Puma, the premium and sport footprint crossover (it has ST version). The guarantee of production without closure forecast was given to the Detroit Free Press newspaper.

EcoSport: End in India is exit from US - analysts criticize SUV

Still, it’s good not to count on this, given recent actions by Ford in Brazil and India (Romanians, gravy beards!). But back in the US, the “motor city” newspaper consulted market analysts to measure the impact of EcoSport’s exit.

Most didn’t praise Ford’s little boy, who could be said to be a stranger in the nest. Maeva Ribas, manager of design research and strategy at The CARLAB Inc., said, “Ecosport was never really suited to the American consumer.”

Ribas added: “Ford is just correcting a mistake. Ecosport does not belong to the United States”. Karl Brauer, executive analyst at, commented: “It was one of the best sellers in Brazil and extremely competitive, desirable and successful. But Ford never did anything to update it.”

EcoSport: End in India is exit from US - analysts criticize SUV

Finally, he stated: “And it went from being one of the best-selling cars in Brazil to being surpassed by all competitors. After becoming uncompetitive in Brazil, Ford brought him here – to the US. It just can’t compete in this market”.

However, there were those who were surprised by its end. John McElroy, presenter of the “Autoline After Hours” podcast and webcast, said: “I thought it would be a hit. Small crossovers have been a really hot segment, but maybe not that small.”

However, McElroy pointed out an important detail. He mentioned that the EcoSport could still suffer from Maverick’s friendly fire, which costs the same, is hybrid and, of course, a double cab pickup. Not to mention that it is new, already snatching 100,000 Americans.

Apparently, it looks like EcoSport wouldn’t last long in America, even with uninterrupted Indian production. Now, we can only wait for the end of it in Romania, thus ending the Brazilian’s career.

[Fonte: Detroit Free Press]