End of the duo? Simone talks about the possibility of ending partnership with her sister

Photo: Disclosure

Simone who, in addition to being a singer, loves to keep her YouTube channel alive and up to date and there, as well as in real life, the artist talks about any and all subjects that come to mind.

Last Friday, the 10th, Simone decided to talk about the supposed end of the partnership with her sister, Simaria. In addition, the sertaneja also clarified other matters involving her name, such as a possible disagreement between her sister and Kaká Diniz.

– Guys, the thing is: we were doing an advertising campaign for a brand and the idea of ​​this campaign is that the third colleague would exist because we were ambassadors. Then the third friend would be the beer and we were instigating the fans about who would be the third friend. And a lot of people, having finished BBB at that time, started to comment that it was Juliette because she sings and stuff. But now, at the height of this career, so many years of career, putting a third person to sing with us doesn’t work.

To complement the video, Simone went to talk about Simaria and her husband, Kaká, and of course, denied that the relationship between brother-in-law and sister-in-law was bad.

– That’s a lie, that’s invented, it doesn’t. Thanks to my good God everyone gets along really well. We respect Simaria’s space, she respects mine… We really understand each other.