Family tries to prove innocence of man recognized by police in 3X4 photo | Rio de Janeiro

Jeferson Pereira da Silva, 29, is another poor black man who was pre-emptively arrested on the basis of only one photographic recognition. And the worst: the image to produce evidence against him is an rtract size 3X4 and with more than ten years of existence, which shows Jeferson still a teenager.

At the police station, Jeferson was recognized as the author of a robbery committed on February 4, 2019. The victim registered the occurrence 21 days later, said that he had a gun pointed at him and that his cell phone, R$ 5 and his identity were taken. .

Jefferson only knew he had the name on the police eight months later, during an approach by military police officers from the Meier Presente program.

Photo by Jeferson, aged 14, used to recognize the boy, now 29 years old — Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

“On Wednesday (8), my brother was called to receive a balance from the calculation of a termination of an employment contract that was from 2015, and was called to receive at a mall in Del Castilho. Once there, there was no company office. There were two vehicles waiting and they were arrested”, says Fernanda Pereira da Silva, Jeferson’s sister.

She also says that he was instructed to go to the police station where the crime was registered. Jeferson went to the place, alone, in his own vehicle and called home to tell him what was going on.

boy presented himself at the police station

The information is contained in Jeferson’s testimony, which informs that he appeared spontaneously, informed that he lived with his parents in the Engenho Novo neighborhood, that he was an employee of a company and that he believed he had been confused by the photographic recognition, as he never practiced illegal conduct.

Jeferson’s sister also says that on the day of the robbery, he was at home with his family.

“He was at home. It was a Monday, it was with me, my mother and my two daughters”, says Fernanda.

The family has no idea how the image of the boy, who has never been through the police, ended up in a police station, and tries to prove his innocence.

“I know who he is. That’s why I’m here. That if he was a criminal, I wouldn’t be here, no. He worked at Detran on the license plate, in Vila Isabel; worked at Maracanã, on the Maracanã project. Now, lately, I was working on an application”, said Celso Fernando da Silva, Jeferson’s father, sitting at the prison door.

The young man’s mother is also devastated by the situation and hand is able to speak.

“I can not stand. I’m not holding. It’s very painful, it’s very difficult to be without it, you know?!” says Dona Cleonice.

Portrait is when he was 14 years old.

Jeff was 27 years old at the time he was recognized by the victim by a portrait 3×4 from when he was 14 years old.

“What is this photo doing there? Jeferson never had a ticket, not even when he was a minor. What is this photo doing there? ”, asks Fernanda.

On Thursday (9), Jeferson was transferred from the Inhaúma police station, to the Custody Center, in Benfica, in the North Zone of Rio.

“Recently the 1st class of the STF and the 6th of the STJ lined up in the sense that preventive detention and conviction cannot be based solely on photographic recognition in police headquarters,” says Jeferson’s lawyer, Carlos André Dutra, who also has the support from the Public Defender’s Office to try to reverse the case.

Jeferson’s father, Celso, wants justice and respect.

“We should have the right. We no longer have money, we don’t have a good house, we live in a favela. But right, I think it would be for everyone”, he says.

The Civil Police says that the photographic recognition of Jeferson took place in the past administration, and that the arrest order was made by the Justice itself. Police also say that the current administration has recommended that delegates not only use this procedure as the only evidence to ask for arrests.