Father Fábio de Melo praises the journalist

Father Fábio de Melo, 50, published a loving message for Tiago Leifert after the 41-year-old presenter announced his departure from TV Globo after the end of the current season of “The Voice Brasil”.

Yesterday, the Rio station broadcast the news through a statement, and the journalist confirmed it, declaring that the time has come to change the scene in his entire professional career at Globo.

In a text posted on Instagram, Fábio de Melo congratulated and praised Leifert for the decision:

Tiago Leifert came down from the podium. Gave up a place that is desired by many. He decided to close the curtain with a packed house, sold out tickets, successful future seasons and public recognition. He decided that he wants to live a better life that no one sees. Maybe he’s in another state of evolution. Perhaps he belongs to the caste of those who know how to leave the scene, a rare thing, exchanging the dazzling light of the shop window for the delicate light of the alcove. Father Fábio de Melo on Instagram

“Tiago is a misdemeanor. He has the courage to revolutionize his own life. There are plenty of reasons for him. He must have considered emotions, stress, opportunities, values, profits and dividends. He concluded that the result has less charm than the smile of those who wait at home . Sometimes, and it is almost always like that, the only applause we want is from the people we love,” concluded the priest.

In his story, Leifert thanked the priest for his affection. “Thanks for the very sensitive words,” he wrote.

In addition to Fábio de Melo, the journalist received many messages from famous people and co-workers such as Marcos Mion, André Marques, Ana Clara and Tatá Werneck. In the story, he thanked and said he was moved:

Thanks? Thank you for all the affection, for the messages, especially the messages from my colleagues who worked with me, these were the ones that brought me down the most because I wasn’t expecting them. I was very touched and moved. Come on, there’s still until December, it’s not over yet, we have a lot to do. James Leifert