Father Fábio de Melo says that Tiago Leifert knew the right time to leave the scene

After announcing his departure from TV Globo, Tiago Leifert generated many comments on the web. Father Fábio de Melo used Instagram to comment on the presenter’s departure and stated that the communicator knew the time to leave the scene.

In a long text, the priest was very direct with his remarks. “Tiago Leifert came down from the podium. Gave up a place that is desired by many. He decided to close the curtain with a packed house, sold out tickets, successful future seasons and public recognition. He decided that he wants to live a better life that no one sees. Maybe he’s in another state of evolution. Maybe he belongs to the caste of those who know how to leave the scene, something rare, exchanging the blinding light of the window for the delicate light of the alcove”, began Fábio.

“James is a misdemeanor. It has the courage to revolutionize its own life. Reasons are not lacking for him. It must have equated emotions, stress, opportunities, values, profits and dividends. He concluded that the result has less charm than the smile of those who wait for him at home. Sometimes, and it is almost always like that, the only applause we want is from the people we love,” added the priest.

Some famous people agreed with the priest’s text, leaving positive comments on the priest’s publication. “Beautiful! True… long live Tiago Leifert and long live Father Fábio de Melo”, wrote Angelica. “How beautiful my friend! Going down from the podium is not for anyone!”, commented Solange Almeida. “Perfect,” said Mariana Rios.

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