Father Omar is barred from accessing Christ on his way to be baptized; Sanctuary issues notice of repudiation to ICMBio against ‘hostile acts’ | Rio de Janeiro

The priest omar fox, rector of the Cristo Redentor Sanctuary, was stopped this Saturday morning (11th) by security guards from the Tijuca National Park at the gatehouse to the top of Corcovado.

Father Omar was going to celebrate a christening in the chapel under the statue’s feet, scheduled for 7:30 am, but his entourage was prevented from going up, on the grounds that “it was not authorized”.

The Sanctuary disputes and claims that the event was previously communicated to the park. Even so, even the child, his parents and godparents “were stopped”. The christening was only held two hours later.

The plateau where the statue of Christ is located, at the top of Corcovado, belongs to the Archdiocese of Rio, which manages and preserves the postcard. The entire area, however, is managed by the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation (ICMBio). The municipality also controls the complex’s stores — which are now closed — and all vehicle accesses in the Tijuca Forest.

According to the Sanctuary, it was not the first time that celebrants were stopped on their way to Christ. A repudiation note to ICMBio was issued this Saturday, citing this and other “hostile acts”.

“In recent months, the posture of security guards at the Tijuca National Park has been hostile towards the rector of the Cristo Redentor Sanctuary, Father Omar, and the Sanctuary’s employees,” says the text.

“Recurringly, Father Omar, bishops and other religious, together with faithful and guests of the Church who participate in masses, weddings, baptisms and cultural actions promoted by the Sanctuary, experience constraints when accessing the Sanctuary”, he explained.

Until the last update of this article, the Chico Mendes Institute had not manifested itself.

Guardhouse on the access to Estrada das Paineiras, which leads to the Cristo Redentor Sanctuary — Photo: Reproduction/Google StreetView

The incidents, according to the Sanctuary, take place at the intersection of Rua Almirante Alexandrino and Estrada das Paineiras. There is a security guardhouse for the Tijuca National Park, managed by ICMBio.

On the 3rd, guests from the Archdiocese of Rio de Janeiro were unable to arrive for a liturgical celebration. “After the prayer, breakfast would be offered to the guests free of charge. The Tijuca National Park also vetoed access to water for guests,” says the note.

On September 2, employees of the outsourced company that manages the lighting at Cristo Redentor, who have vehicles authorized for work, were also barred. “They were going up to light the monument in green in an action for organ donation”, the text details.

“In the same way, the vehicles of the State Department of Health, whose license plate, model and color information had already been sent to the Tijuca National Park, were also barred from the guardhouse”, he points out.