Find out who Mileide Mihaile is, confirmed in ‘A Fazenda 13’

Mileide Mihaile was one of the first confirmed participants in ‘A Fazenda 13’. Although it became known after its controversial marriage with singer Wesley Safadão, the famous also stands out on social networks as an influencer and entrepreneur.

Who is Mileide Mihaile?

When talking about who Mileide Mihaile is, it is inevitable not to remember the confusions involving her ex-husband Wesley Safadão. The two lived an 8-year relationship and met when she was a dancer in the band ‘Garota Safada’, of which the singer was vocalist. Together they had a child, called Yudy.


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Mileide Mihaile with Wesley Safadão and son Yhudy (Photo: Frisson)

Nonetheless, in 2012 the couple broke up. At the time, rumors pointed to a supposed betrayal of Safadão, who in the same year started dating with Thyane Dantas, his current wife, with whom he has Ysis and Dom. The two, even, they have already talked and argued several times.

In 2018, during an interview with Antônia Fontenelle, Mileide claimed to have seen Wesley Safadão and Thyane Dantas leaving a motel, when they were still together: “I already knew her. She attended concerts, asked for autographs at a mall… […] It was crazy. I chose to separate and we got into a huge family conflict. It was very disturbing.”, said the famous woman.

Mileide Mihaile’s professional life

In addition to the scandals surrounding Mileide Mihaile’s personal life, she also has a busy professional life. Currently, Wesley Safadão’s ex-wife is a digital influencer and businesswoman.

On Instagram, even the 32-year-old muse, has more than 4.1 million followers. Before that, she was a dancer for Aviões do Forró, and for other famous forró bands.

New phase

As soon as she was confirmed as a participant in ‘A Fazenda 13’, the influencer posted a text on Instagram to talk about this new phase in her life and highlighted that he intends to show the public, a Mileide Mihaile that they still don’t know.

“It will be a huge challenge, but also a unique opportunity to make you know me outside of Stories, those 15 seconds are not enough to show who I really am and in fact my history and roots. I want to introduce myself fully so that they know that everything in my life is much bigger than just a post in the feed.”, she began.

“As a woman, mother, business and a thousand other things kkkk I want to show other women that we can be resilient and at the same time sweet, that we can be a mother and have a professional life at the same time, that we can start again as many times as you want and as often as you like, we can be several in one with perfection and imperfection and it will be all right! I want to have the honor of inspiring them to get out of their boxes and try the new. Trying to reconnect with yourself, taking care of yourself, loving yourself, dreaming, finding your true path and knowing your true VALUE.”, he pointed out.

“Strength and resilience have always been part of my story. Cheer and pray a lot for me. Finally, I invite you to follow the program that will be PLUS PLUS! Just come on, the big premiere is Tuesday and I’m looking forward to performing in a new format for you.”, finished.

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