‘Find peace in your heart’, says Felipe Neto to Whindersson Nunes after ‘bullshit’

THE barb exchange in between Whindersson Nunes and Felipe Neto, which began on the night of Thursday (9), was extended to this Friday (10). It all started when the comedian was asked for a profile to help Vasco financially, which Marcelo Adnet and Felipe were doing for Botafogo, but denied it, saying he helped other causes.

Felipe Neto responded by saying that he also uses part of his money to help noble causes, but that he still insists on spending it on his favorite team. Whindersson quipped that the influencer was “Jesus Christ himself.”

All this happened on Thursday night. This Friday, Whindersson got angry with Felipe Neto when he realized that the influencer had liked Twitter posts from people criticizing the comedian, saying that he does not speak out about the country’s political situation and the pandemic for fear of losing followers.

“I’m here in Rio @felipeneto. Do you want to open the doors of your house for me? Can we discuss how to help the country or do you want to fart in like every other time I tried to talk to you?
Real life really, my security is the same as yours, you’re sure, how about that??, said the comedian.

Felipe Neto responded by talking so that Whindersson could find peace in his heart, so that one day the two could talk right again.

“Brother, find peace… From the bottom of your heart, find peace in your heart. I really want you to get over it all and one day we can talk properly, without you being like this. Until then, I wish you well. Abs,” said the influencer.

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