Fiocruz expects to deliver 5 million doses of AstraZeneca next week

The Oswaldo Cruz Foundation is waiting for a signal from the BioManguinhos factory’s quality control department to find out how many doses of the vaccine will be delivered to the Ministry of Health next week. The amount should be around 5 million doses. The number can be higher or lower depending on how many doses will be retained in the area that controls the release of immunizers.

Deliveries must be divided into three dates: Monday (9/13), Wednesday (9/15) and Friday (9/17). The effort to release the vaccine in smaller batches should help alleviate shortages in cities like São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Palmas, Florianópolis, Porto Velho and Rio de Janeiro, where there are already stations without AstraZeneca’s formula for a second dose.

Before the two-week break, Fiocruz was making deliveries on Fridays. The change aims to streamline the distribution of vaccines. The delivery information was investigated by CNN with sources linked to Fiocruz. Officially, the Foundation only states that September deliveries should add up to 15 million doses, 3 million more than the Ministry of Health’s expectation.

If it manages to reach its own goal, Fiocruz will have a better result than in August, when 11.4 million doses were delivered, and July, which had 14.5 million doses delivered. This would break a sequence of four months of deceleration in BioManguinhos’ productivity.