Fiorella Mattheis exposes health problems and warns internet users: “Don’t do this”

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Fiorella Matteis used their Instagram profile this Friday, 10, to clarify about the removal of silicone implants. According to the actress, she suffered from pain and mastitis that caused her a lot of discomfort in her routine.

In addition, Fiorella Mattheis also made a warning to her followers. She advised not to remove the implant, only if there are health problems and with the doctor’s guidance and even told the girls not to adhere to the prosthesis.

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“I owe this chat right! It was the best decision of my life, all the pain and mastitis are gone, I feel so much more beautiful, feminine and sexy! It’s funny that putting silicone theoretically is for these reasons, right?… as it is important for us to accept and love each other the way we are, this is our best version. My advice: If you have it, don’t take it off, just for health reasons, if your doctor advises it. If you don’t have it, don’t put it”, he wrote.

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Netizens commented on the actress’ decision:Advice: don’t risk your life in surgery for aesthetic reasons”, said an internet user, “I love it when they talk about it, because lately they always put it on and never talk about the post”, commented another, “I was crazy to put it, but after seeing so many reports of the body rejecting, I was scared”, said another.