Fiorella Mattheis says she removed silicone implants

Fiorella Matteis used social networks this Friday (10) to chat with followers. The actress said that she performed the silicone explant (removal) from her breasts, after some complications with the prostheses, which she has had for some years. The famous explained about the decision to perform the procedure.

“It was the best decision of my life, all the pain and mastitis are gone. I feel so much more beautiful, feminine and sexy. It’s funny that putting silicone was theoretically for these reasons, right?” Fiorella said.


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The actress also said that she has higher self-esteem after she removed her prostheses, showing that she is happy with her own body. “How important it is for us to accept and love each other the way it is. This, yes, is our best version”, he stated.

Mattheis also sent a message to whoever has the prostheses. She was neither against nor in favor of the procedure. “If you have it, don’t take it off. For health reasons only, if your doctor advises. If you don’t have it, don’t put it”, declared the Globo and Multishow actress.

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Fiorella Mattheis talks about silicone explant – (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram Stories)

How much does it cost to put silicone?

For those who want to use silicone, the values ​​vary. Prostheses can cost between R$ 2 thousand and R$ 2,800. According to the website Area de Mulher, of R7, if you include all the expenses with the procedure, the value could reach R$ 25,000. These values ​​refer to that year.

The risks caused by surgery

Placing silicone in breasts can pose health risks. Back pain, shortness of breath or posture addictions are cases that can happen to those who have prostheses.

In addition, the weight of the silicone favors spinal deviations and permanent skin distension. In addition, a bacterial infection can occur in certain cases, causing the prosthesis to have to be removed to avoid problems.