Flamengo hires David Luiz until the end of 2022. Selection and fans weighed in – 10/09/2021

Flamengo will officially announce the hiring of David Luiz until the beginning of the week. The agreement between Júlio Taran, the defender’s agent together with Giuliano Bertolucci, and Flamengo’s board, represented by the vice football team, Marcos Braz, and the executive director Bruno Spindel; it happened at a meeting this Friday afternoon, in São Paulo.

The contract will last until December 2022. The contract is one of the most relevant in the club’s recent history, as he is a player with long experience in the biggest league in the world, the Premier League. David Luiz, 34, has won titles at all four clubs he has defended in 14 years in Europe, passing through Portugal, France and England.

The player hopes to return to the Brazilian team, which he defended 57 times. Calls by athletes of the same position who work in Brazil, such as Leo Ortiz, from Red Bull Bragantino, and Miranda, from São Paulo, who is 37, old, give David Luiz the hope of being remembered by Tite if he is acting at high level with the red-black shirt. He won the Confederations Cup 2013 and the superclassic of the Americas 2014.

The defender is a collector of titles. He was Bahia champion for Vitória in 2005; Portuguese in 2010; of the League Cup in 2009 and 2010 defending Benfica. Defending Chelsea led the UEFA Champions League in 2012, the Europa League in 2013 and 2019; the Premier Lege 2017; the FA Cup 2012 and 2018.

At Paris Saint-Germain he won the French Championship, the French Cup, the French League Cup and the French Super Cup, all titles played within the country between 2015 and 2016, when he was there. Even at Arsenal, who has been in technical crisis for years, he managed to win the FA Cup and the FA Super Cup trophies in 2020.

In addition to believing that he will have more chances to return to the CBF team playing in Brazil, David Luiz was excited by the movement of the red-black fans for his signing. He even received around 600,000 messages daily through social networks in recent weeks.

Proposals from Qatar and France were taken to the athlete since his contractual termination with Arsenal. The chance to continue fighting for titles also weighed on the option for Flamengo. His priority, as is known, was to return to Benfica, his first club in European football, but the Portuguese were unable to adjust the budget and the deal was not closed.

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