Ford closes all its factories in India; know more

Similar to what happened with Ford in Brazil, the automaker ends its production of vehicles and engines in India
Photo: Disclosure / Ford

Similar to what happened with the Ford factories in Brazil, the assembler ends its production of vehicles and engines in the India. The official announcement was made by the brand, last Thursday (09/09).

From the month of October of this year, then, Ford already foresees closed doors for its two factories in India
Photo: Reproduction / Ford

As in Brazil, Ford will close factories in India

Thus, with the closure of all Ford plants, the company must bear more losses. According to the automaker and as published by the Automotive Business website, the Ford records losses of about $2 billion in the last ten years in the Indian market.

From the month of October of this year, then, Ford already foresees closed doors for its two factories in India. In this case, one in Sanand – where they were produced the vehicles. In addition, in Chennai – factory for the production of engines.

Thus, the models will no longer be produced by Ford in India. Aspire, Fig, FreeStyle, EcoSport it’s the endeavor. On the other hand, according to the automaker, the Chennai factory will produce engines for the pickup Ford Ranger until the second half of 2022.

“As part of our Ford+ plan, we are taking tough steps. But necessary to deliver a profitable business over the long term and allocate our capital to grow and create value in the right way,” said CEO Jim Farley in a press release.

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Also according to an official statement, it is noteworthy that Ford will maintain, in India, its development center. are more than 11 thousand specialist software engineers. Thus, the automaker hopes to take advantage of the specialized workforce in this country, in addition to offering support for the operation of the headquarters, located in the United States.

With the closure of Ford plants in India, the company should continue in the Indian market with imported models. Also, Ford’s forecast is to take electric cars to that country, for example, Ford Mustang Mach E.

ford factories are closed in india , as happened in Brazil
Photo: Disclosure / Ford

Brand restructuring

Finally, Ford India informed the press that the decisions taken are aimed at restructuring the company. Thus, the automaker analyzes several options for this recomposition. For example, partnerships, contract manufacturing with other OEMs, platform sharing and even the possibility to sell from their factories.

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