Gas station inside Tocantins is fined by Procon for unjustified increase

Procon/Tocantins-Government of Tocantins

The Procon Tocantins fined this Friday morning, 10, a gas station in the municipality of Pau D’arco, which is 422km from the capital Palmas. The complaint of unjustified increase was made by city residents.

The increase would have been 0.64 cents, going from R$6.35 to R$6.99. According to the consumer protection agency at no time the establishment purchased fuel with readjustment, therefore, there would be no justification for the increase to the final consumer.

The inspection manager at Procon Tocantins, Magno Silva, emphasizes the importance of the active participation of consumers who, at the same time, are also inspectors.

“The consumer must, when filling up their vehicles, ask for their coupons and invoices. If any irregularities are found, take photos to help the consumer protection agency investigate the alleged irregularities”, highlights the manager.

The superintendent of Procon Tocantins, Walter Viana, emphasizes that the agency’s actions are to avoid abusive prices.

“As a result of the stoppage of truck drivers, the movement of stations increased due to the population’s fear of running out of fuel. Procon Tocantins is taking actions throughout the state to curb this type of practice and maintain guarantees for consumers”, said Viana.

What does the law say

Article 39 of the Consumer Protection Code (CDC) says that the supplier of products or services is prohibited, among other abusive practices.

These practices, according to the CDC, are, for example, demanding a manifestly excessive advantage from the consumer or unjustly raising the price of products or services.

report it

In case of complaints, the consumer must contact through Dial 151 or use Whats Complaint 99216-6840. To formalize the complaint, citizens of Tocantins can access the website and click on the banner “Make your complaint here”, fill in all the fields and attach the requested documents.